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Welcome to SAFENBAMT.COM, where you can buy MT for NBA 2K series. We have gained the trust of over 100,000+ customers since we started to sell NBA 2K MT services. SAFENBAMT.COM has become the safest seller through its economical price, fast delivery, and excellent customer online services. Our real-time online customer service team will solve any questions about ordering for you. You can now buy NBA 2K23 MT for PS4/5, Xbox 1/S, PC, and Switch!


What is NBA 2K23 MT?

MT points are a unique currency for the NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, which can be used to open packs in the Pack Market (but it isn’t advisable) and exchange top-rated player cards in the Auction House. You can be earned by grinding games (Challenges, Triple Threat, Limited, Unlimited, Draft and/or Domination), Sell/flip cards, etc. You’ll need to keep a healthy MT balance and keep replenishing it as you spend it on cards.


Don't Buy NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Packs with MT

MT can be used to buy packs. But, the chances you'll get your MT worth in return are slim to none on most occasions. Trust me, it's 100% more beneficial to spend MT on players than packs. At least with players, you know exactly what your getting. With packs you're taking a gamble you never 100% guaranteed to pull a high tier card. Never, unless you checked a preview pack and get something ridiculous/makes profit. If you want to buy packs, you’re better off grinding for VC in other modes (such as MyCAREER), and then using it to purchase them instead.


Is Buying 2K23 MT Safe?

2K does not allow anyone to buy NBA 2K23 MT with real money. The practice is against 2K’s Terms of Service. In fact, it doesn’t seem to be that common, especially if one is careful in their transactions. How to buy 2K23 MT without been banned? You can buy NBA 2K23 MT from SAFENBAMT.COM. We have sold NBA MT for more than 3 years and have served more than 100,000+ players. The source of MT is legal, the player’s account is safe, and the player’s information will not be disclosed. Buying NBA MT from SAFENBAMT.COM has been 100% safe for the past 3 years, and 0 has been banned.


How to buy MT 2K23?

1. Please choose your console and the amount of MT coins you want to buy on our website

2. Access the auction house in your 2K23, post one or more players according to how much MT coins you purchasing

- If the amount is lower than 100K, you just need to post one player in your auction house and make his buy now price equal to the amount of MT coins you want

- If the amount is higher than 100K, you just need to post multiple players in your auction house and make the total buy now price equal to the amount of MT coins you want

3. Accessing the purchasing page of your cart, fill all info of the players, and pay (the more precise of the information of your players be offering, the easier we can find the players you posted, and we will send MT coins to you fast. we support sevaral methods for you to pay, like PayPal)

4. You will get the MT coins after we buy those players by the information you offer in your order

If you have any questions, be free to contact our chat operators, who are online 24/7 all the time to give professional answers and resolutions.

Reasonable Pricing We offer 2K MT at a fair price and provide a user-friendly, fast and safe experience.
Fast Delivery Our goal is to complete all transactions within 30 minutes of receiving the NBA 2K MT order.
Safe Delivery We will make every effort to protect your account from any potential risks
Refund Policy Therefore, we provide a comprehensive refund policy that puts you first.
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