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About NBA 2K22 MT

NBA 2K22 MT is the virtual currency in NBA 2K22 and the only currency used by auction houses. It is usually obtained and utilized in MyTEAM mode. Players form their team in the MyTEAM mode and get some NBA 2K22 MT rewards by constantly completing challenges, but this is far from enough compared to the funds required to manage the team.


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2021-2022 NBA Player Of The Week

After each week of the NBA, the best-performing players will be produced. Players have different states in different periods. The following list is a data record of the best-performing players each week. for reference.


In last week's competition, a total of 2 players were named the best players. They are Fred VanVleet (Toronto Raptors) and Ja Morant (Memphis Grizzlies). Below are their statistics in the game.



Fred VanVleet 22.0 5.0 6.7 1.6 0.6
Ja Morant 24.7 5.8 6.7 1.4 0.4
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NBA 2K News And Guides
2KTV Episode 20 All Answers - NBA 2K22

A new episode of NBA 2KTV Q&A has been released. Each episode will throw several questions to players. You will get a free NBA 2K22 VC reward if you answer correctly. This is one of the best ways to get a free VC.

How far can the Memphis Grizzlies' defensive strategy go?

The Grizzlies achieved their first 10-game winning streak some time ago, becoming the hottest team in the NBA recently. Just when everyone thought it could continue, the Grizzlies' winning streak was ended by the Dallas Mavericks. Why did you win against many strong teams before, but ended up here? Below is a systematic analysis of the Grizzlies' defensive architecture.

Why did Stephen Curry's rating drop in 2K22?

In the fourth season of the newly updated NBA 2K22, Stephen Curry's rating dropped, and Giannis took the top-rated spot. This is mainly because his current state is not good, and his shooting percentage has dropped a lot compared to before. As for why this happens, it should be related to many factors.

2KTV Episode 19 All Answers - NBA 2K22

A new episode of NBA 2KTV Q&A has been released. Each episode will throw several questions to players. You will get a free NBA 2K22 VC reward if you answer correctly. This is one of the best ways to get a free VC.

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