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Elite gamers, welcome to, you have come to the right place for all your NBA 2K22 needs. As a professional NBA 2K MT store, we offer amounts of cheap NBA 2K MT with instant delivery. Here, you can get everything quick, safe and comfortable services at the lowest price.



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After buying NBA MT in SAFENBAMT, our after-sales team will complete subsequent MT transactions in the game based on customer information.


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NBA 2K News And Guides
How to shop for the right version of NBA 2K23 and build the best team fast?

As time goes by, NBA 2K23 will soon be available to players, and as in previous years, 2K will release several different versions of NBA 2K23, each with different themes and rewards. Although there are many versions, but players vary, which versions are worth buying for players?

Will Poole stay with the Warriors after winning the championship?

Whenever the Warriors win a championship, Warriors fans are both happy and sad, happy because of the joy that comes with winning a championship and sad because there are always some good players who will leave, and this year is no exception.

Will Season 8 reward James Harden make the cover of NBA 2K23?

With the NBA league championship race coming to an end, NBA 2K22 has also ushered in a new chapter. Season 8, in addition to the new MyCareer update, also brings the best reward to players - End Game James Harden.

2KTV Episode 42 All Answers - NBA 2K22

A new episode of NBA 2KTV Q&A has been released. Each episode will throw several questions to players. You will get a free NBA 2K22 VC reward if you answer correctly. This is one of the best ways to get a free VC or 2KMT.

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