NBA 2K24 Guide: Properly Activating the Bulldozer Badge to Unleash Players' Full Potential

Game: NBA 2K24
Time: 2023-11-03 09:33:51
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As the spiritual successor to last year's Bully Emblem, the Bulldozer Emblem expands its impact on the game in 2K24. Players can activate it during layups and jump shots, which means that as long as the Bulldozer Emblem is correctly activated on the court, Taking full advantage of strength, speed, and size will allow you to dominate the game with its power.


What is the Bulldozer Badge?

The Bulldozer Badge can be a game-changer for players who can use it effectively. It allows your players to drive past defenders, especially on dribble contact, layups, and layups. The key to activating this badge is managing your stamina and timing your controller button presses as you create an angle with your defender.



How to trigger the bulldozer badge

To trigger the bulldozer animation through dribble contact, you need to force the defender to divert attention or catch them backing up.

Bulldozer layup: Press the right stick into a defender to initiate contact and push them back, making it harder for them to block your shot.
Stamina Management: Avoid using the turbo button too early; wait until you have a clear angle with the defender.
Defender's Position: Pay attention to the defender's stance and foot position to determine the best direction of attack.


Use the bulldozer badge effectively

The Bulldozer Badge will come into play against weaker players or players who lack the Clip or Immovable Enforcer Badge. However, against stronger defenders, it will only trigger slowly.


This badge can also be effective for big players who can't dribble. The Gold level Bulldozer Badge requires a Strength attribute of 92, which is not required. Silver is the sweet spot for this badge. A professional touch and correct layup timing will complement the Silver Bulldozer badge.



Bulldozer badge applicable scenarios

In Transition: When the paint is somewhat transparent, you can absorb contacts to activate the badge.

Attacking the Midfield: Especially useful if your players have extra badges that put the defense in trouble.
Pick-and-Roll and Step-Back Situations: Use your defender's momentum to trigger the bulldozer badge and create scoring opportunities.
Grab the Elbow: Attack smaller defenders and utilize Gold and Hall of Fame levels to create more dramatic flick animations.


Against defenders with high anchor strength but medium strength, they need to be beaten off the dribble. If you whistle when trying to foul, expect a lot of fouls.


Tips for Maximizing the Bulldozer Badge

Keep it simple: Against aggressive defenders, minimize dribbling to exploit any openings quickly.
Read Help Defense: Always be aware of where the help comes from and avoid attacking the crowded paint.
Leverage size and strength: Maximize the effectiveness of the badge by utilizing players with size and strength advantages.


The Bulldozer Badge is a powerful tool in NBA 2K that can significantly impact your gameplay if used correctly. By understanding the mechanics and strategically implementing the techniques outlined in this guide, you'll become an unstoppable force on the court.