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In NBA 2K23, players earn more 2K23 MT by playing matches in Myteam, completing challenges to claim rewards, selling items, or trading players at fair prices on the transfer market.

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About NBA 2K23 MT

NBA 2K23 MT is the virtual currency in NBA 2K23 Myteam. It can help you build a strong fantasy team. The way to get it is not difficult. Just beat the opponent in the game competition, open the gift bag reward, or auction Line trading players can get you some 2K23 MT. But these operations take time and effort. If you want cheap NBA 2K23 MT quickly, you can buy it with real money through

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When filling in player information, please follow the page prompts so we can quickly lock customers in the game. Under normal circumstances, it only takes a few minutes to complete the transaction.

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