NBA 2K24 guide: Proper use of footwork to score points

Game: NBA 2K24
Time: 2023-10-26 05:56:56
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Footwork is the foundation of basketball, and many different footwork can be unlocked through the operation of the controller in NBA 2K24. In competitive matches, proper use of footwork can enhance your player's build and maximize the potential of certain badges, as detailed below.


Unlock footwork animations using controllers

It's important to understand that footwork in the game relies heavily on where the basketball is currently, directly determining how you move next. The game system has multiple pivot animations, each triggered by a different action. You can enter rear mode by holding down the L2 button, which allows you to perform various spins. Moving the left stick in different directions in this mode results in different pivot movements.



Up: A jab or step-over leaning pivot

Down: Keeps the basketball high and away from the defender

Left: Starts shielding the body

Right: Shields the basketball on the outside hip


Launching from Pivots

Even when facing the rim, holding the L2 trigger keeps you in post mode, giving you access to post spins and activating post badges. To launch from a pivot, rotate the left stick as if performing a spin move with your back to the basket. Ensure the left stick is towards the rim to maintain the drive. Moving the left stick in other directions triggers spin counters, setting the stage for advanced combos.


Shooting from Pivots

With L2 held down, you can trigger post-hop shots. Different directions result in other shots, depending on your stance. Pressing the square or tapping it while moving the left stick in different directions gives you a variety of hop shots. However, these animations are locked to the post area and cannot be triggered at the three-point line.



The action of holding LT and moving the left stick must be done in the paint or at the free throw line. If you try it too far away, you will be in a protective dribble position. Also, make sure you flick the left stick and not hold live.


Pivot Shooting and Advanced Moves

Pivot shooting encompasses up and under, reverse pivot step-throughs, and standing fades. Start a shot and flick the right stick in any direction to trigger these. For up and under, press the right stick towards the defender. To begin a step-through, hold the L2 trigger.


Player-Specific Moves: Demar DeRozan

Demar DeRozan's go-to move is his spin shot, an underrated move in NBA 2K24. With strength playing a crucial role, you can drive back the defender and spin off the contact for easy shots. Timing is critical, and triggering a step through when the defender plays well can result in successful shots, especially with layup timing. It's his half-spin shot in his spin shot animation package. All you have to do is a regular half-spin with the ball starting in the left hand.