NBA 2K24 Guides: Use controllers to increase player dribbling speed

Game: NBA 2K24
Time: 2023-10-14 16:01:39
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In NBA 2K24, dribbling speed is a key factor determining the gameplay's success or failure. When facing a defensive player, using the handle to change the rhythm and direction of dribbling quickly is the key to getting rid of the defense. 2K has built-in the system's speed-boosting animations and its approach to scoring and creating combos, and SAFENBAMT will show you how to use a controller to unlock these animations.


Unlock Blowout Dribbles animation.

Through the buttons on the controller, we can unlock different dribbling animations in the game. Players can unlock the Blowout Dribbles animation by clicking R2 and pushing the left stick forward in the backcourt. This action moves the ball forward, allowing the player to get past defenders quickly. However, you must ensure that no defender is directly in front of you when triggering this action. Otherwise, you risk conceding the ball.



Unlock Push Dribbles

The straight-line push dribble is ideal when a teammate sets up a pick-and-roll for you. It provides another way to increase speed. Players can activate the animation by clicking the R2 button on the controller and quickly get rid of the defender.


Additionally, players can cancel out of these moves, leading to a tween stop and automatically transitioning to a breakdown if the full animation plays out.



If the opponent defends you tightly and wants to break through quickly, you must use Lateral Push Dribbles. It allows you to quickly change the rhythm and direction in a limited space, providing a different movement angle than straight-line push and dribble, and quickly Get off the defense.


Hanging dribbling animation

There are two ways to activate this animation. The first method is to start from the standing dribbling action and then exit the action by pressing the left stick to the left or right without using R2. The second method is to hold R2 and release it from the standing position, ensuring the left stick is held to the left or right. It will only activate in those directions.


This move is very effective in the pick-and-roll and allows players to read the defense. The animation's most significant speed boost is achieved by pressing the R2 button during a hanging dribble. This maintains momentum while providing crossovers, spin jumpers, or step-back opportunities.


Cross action animation

While in motion, players can perform crossover maneuvers. As demonstrated in Donovan Mitchell's gameplay, these move crossovers can be set up using the left stick. Combinations are not limited to Diaohezi dribbling; it can also be combined with push dribbling movements.



The last way to increase your speed is to hold down R2 on the controller. Before you go into a full sprint, you should transition to a walk or jog. This technique works exceptionally well in the pick-and-roll and driving to the basket. With different tempo sprints, players can vary the player's pace, allowing for flash animations and quick first-step speeds.


Mastering these techniques can significantly enhance your gameplay, and with practice and experimentation, try out different players and combinations to find what works best for your style.