The hidden truth behind LeBron's gorgeous 2K rating

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In the game between the Lakers and the Warriors, LeBron played a fantastic performance on the court, PTS 56, REB 10, led the team to win the game, many Lakers fans thought this victory would end the team's losing streak, but the truth is, Is it so?

LeBron James has a dynamic rating of 96 in 2K, thanks to his game stats, James is a hard worker, rarely misses games, and gets good points in every game, to maintain good stats, James even Will play in garbage time, which helps a lot with his rating, but not so much for the team.

Behind James' gorgeous data, the team's ranking is relatively poor. Before defeating the Warriors, the team had suffered a four-game losing streak, and the team ranked ninth, although James led the ball with excellent data in this game. The team won the game, but it was not due to him alone. There were reasons for his teammates, but his opponents had more problems.


The hidden truth behind LeBron

Why did the Lakers win the game?
Russell Westbrook gradually recovered in this game. Other teammates such as Anthony also made many contributions in the game. James contributed the most. In the middle of the third quarter, James scored consecutively, chasing the score to only 6. points. But on the defensive end, all the Lakers players, including James, did not do well, especially James. He put all his energy on the offensive end and didn't want to waste too much energy on the defensive end, which is why he was in this game—one of the reasons why China can get 50+.

The performance of the Warriors players was also abysmal, especially after the inside players faced James. They couldn't stop his offense at all. In addition, the starting players were out of shape, especially Klay Thompson, who only scored 13 points in the game.

The Warriors' inside players lacked height and could not effectively protect the basket. When they encountered James, they could only watch him score helplessly. More importantly, there was a big problem with the coach's tactical arrangement. The coach deprived Curry of the ball time. With more of the ball being distributed to Klay, it seems the coach still has a lot of trust in Thompson and would rather lose to establish his place in the team, but it also limits the growth of other young players.

Based on the above factors, the Lakers can defeat the Warriors not because the team's strength has improved but because the Warriors have problems. Although LeBron got splendid data in this game, it still cannot hide the pain of slack defense for the team. If the opposing defensive player wraps around James in the next round, his points will be significantly reduced. It will be more difficult for the Lakers to win the game without another effective scorer on the team.

Therefore, the victory of this game does not end the fate of the Lakers' consecutive defeats because many problems within the team have not been effectively resolved.

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