Does Curry's lackluster form affect his rating in NBA 2K22?

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When it comes to Curry, what is your first impression? The most excellent three-point shooter in league history? But in the last four games, Curry's three-point shooting rate is only 28.6%, which is a record low. As long as he gets the ball, he will be targeted for defense and dedicated to destroying Curry's 3-pointer, forcing him to cut into the restricted area, where the big center is waiting for him.

After all, Curry's playing style is already familiar to everyone, so it is not so difficult to defend Curry, and Curry himself is aware of this problem. At the beginning of the new season, AST was added on the court, leaving more opportunities for Teammates, which is also in line with the Warriors' philosophy. The team does not want superstars.


Does Curry

Although Curry has made some tactical adjustments, his scoring ability has declined, and his three-point shooting percentage has dropped a lot in the game. This phenomenon was also analyzed in the previous article, and please refer to the specific article - Why did Stephen Curry's rating drop in 2K22?

If Curry has been in this state, his rating in NBA 2K22 will inevitably drop, but this state is not irreversible. In the previous game with HOU, Curry used a mid-range shot in the last minute. Won the game. In the UTAH game, Curry added a lot of mid-range turns and jumpers, but in the DAL game, Curry's outside touch continued to be sluggish. According to internal sources, in training before the DAL match, Given that 3-point Shooting is 0%, Curry should add more mid-range shots, as the previous games have demonstrated.

In addition, the issue of Curry's hand injury has not been disclosed so far, and the team has been keeping it strictly confidential. But this doesn't mean that GS's long-range Shooting has weakened. Kuminga's long-range shooting rate is very high in DAL's game, and the team's second-ranked Thompson also has an excellent long-range shooting ability.

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