Why did Stephen Curry's rating drop in 2K22?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-01-15 16:47:22
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In the fourth season of the newly updated NBA 2K22, Stephen Curry's rating dropped, and Giannis took the top-rated spot. This is mainly because his current state is not good, and his shooting percentage has dropped a lot compared to before. As for why this happens, it should be related to many factors.

First of all, the biggest problem should be age. Curry is no longer young. He is averaging 34.8 minutes per game this season, the highest number since 2014, while running off the ball from 3.9 kilometers in 2016 to 4.1 this season. The kilometer is the oldest player in the top 20 in average running distance per game, and there are not many players over the age of 34 in the league who average more than 20 minutes per game. Therefore, we cannot ignore the troubles that period brings to Curry. I'll be 34 in 2 months.


Why did Stephen Curry

Another reason is that running without the ball consumes too much physical energy. Curry's running without the ball is not only a threat to continue his own but also the core of the team's passing and cutting system, but it involves sudden counter-run acceleration and extreme strength. There must be, so the team's offensive system is scrapped in half once Curry can't run. The physical confrontation to get rid of the defense is a big challenge for the current Curry. Under the fierce fight, the physical function becomes unstable, which will lead to inaccurate shots, and Curry often gets shot as soon as he holds the ball. Pinching, you can't rest after the ball is released, you have to give teammates a screen without the ball, and you have to run desperately without the ball to stretch the space. For two consecutive years, you have gained weight, and your flexibility has dropped significantly.

Due to the tight interior line of the team, in most cases, a small lineup with higher mobility is used to complete excellent infinite switching, but this pair's physical fitness is also a huge drain. In addition, Curry's task on the defensive end has also become heavier this season. He has to hold the ball, run without the ball, and take care of the defensive end. With such a heavy workload, you can let the 26-year-old Curry do it without any problem, but he is already fast. So he's been in a slump recently, and his shooting is inaccurate. It's not that his shooting ability has declined, but that he is too tired. Even if you can persist at the age of 34, is injury a potential factor?

Since the physical consumption is high, why doesn't the coach cut Curry's playing time? This is also a problem the team is facing now. When Curry goes off the court, the team's offensive efficiency will drop from 114.1 to 99.1. If Curry goes off the court, the team will not just lose a shooter on the court. When Curry rests, the team collapses. You continue to let Curry consume so much energy. In the playoffs, Curry may continue to encounter the blow of a declining state.

In addition, Curry's shooting is now familiar to the league, and defending Curry has shown a very fixed routine. Just defend Curry's three-point shot, let his breakthrough, and continue to consume Curry in this way, which makes Curry change. It's very uncomfortable. At present, it seems that Curry's weight gain and defense improvement are good things this season. Still, these have accelerated the consumption of physical energy, so it is difficult not to affect the investment in the offensive end and the intensified consumption of physical energy; Curry must use other The way to restore balance, reduce off-ball movement, and score more mid-range points, let Curry maximize the team's scoring efficiency when he is on the court, let Curry take on more minor tasks on the offensive end, and distribute the burden of offense to others. Teammates, this is probably the best approach the team and Curry can find.

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