Can LeBron James keep his rating in NBA 2K22?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-03-02 10:14:35
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In the just-concluded Lakers VS Pelicans game, the Lakers lost by a big score. The Lakers' home court remembered the laughter of the fans. The Lakers temporarily took the lead initially but were quickly caught up in the whole game. And in the end, the big score was defeated. Although LeBron's data was not insufficient, it could not change the game's outcome.

After the middle of the first quarter, the performance of the Lakers became abysmal. James and Westbrook's passes often made mistakes and were stolen by the opponent's players. Especially James, there were many mistakes. Not only was the key stolen, but the breakthrough. It was also intercepted, and there was a low-level error in passing the ball out of bounds.

The commentators on the scene pointed out that James made so many mistakes because of his inattentive game attitude on the court. The Lakers are currently ranked ninth, and with Anthony Davis out of the game with an injury, the Lakers are saying goodbye to the playoffs this season. Maybe James has already understood everything; perhaps this game is no longer so important in his eyes.

On the whole, the responsibility for the loss of this game cannot be blamed on James alone. The state of the entire team is not very good, and the coach has a lot of loopholes in the formulation of tactics, except that James has a precise tactical arrangement. Other players did not arrange specific tactics, which put some players at a loss on the court, which directly caused the Lakers' offense to be like a mess of sand, and it was also expected to be interrupted by frequent interceptions by opponents.

Although James and Howard scored consecutively in the third quarter, they failed to tie the score. When the game entered garbage time in the fourth quarter, LeBron attacked frantically on the court. It's useless per game, and it also makes people suspect that LeBron is questioned of brushing stats, or it may be that LeBron doesn't want to make the team lose too badly.

Although LeBron's data still maintained a high level in this game, most of the points were obtained in the garbage period, which did not represent his actual level. Brown made a lot of turnovers and didn't score high; that's what he was in this game; maybe he's getting old, or perhaps he's lost his desire to win; whatever the reason, it could be Caused his rating to drop in 2K, LeBron is 37 years old this year, and although this age is unique in the NBA league, for a professional athlete, he is no longer at his peak. He has only a few years left in his career.

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