What are the problems behind Wiggins' outperformance?

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In the third game with the Dallas Mavericks, Wiggins' performance on the court was awe-inspiring, especially the dunk in the face of Doncic, which became the most exciting scene of that game. At the beginning of such an excellent performance, many people ignored some of Wiggins's problems in the game.

Problems exposed by Wiggins during the game
Wiggins finished the game with 27 points, 11 rebounds, and three assists. Judging from the game data, his offensive desire has improved more than before. Even if he suffers from a foot injury, he insists on the game, but if you analyze the game carefully, you will find that he has a lot of open three-pointers and mid-distance on the court today. The shooting did not score, it may be a bad hand, or it may have been affected by a foot injury. But looking at Wiggins' performance throughout the playoffs, his mid-range shooting rate is not high, with 22 shots and seven balls, and the shooting rate is only 31%. The only 3-pointer he made in Game 3 was an open 3-pointer from the top of the arc passed to him by Klay. On the other hand, throughout the season, you will find that his outside shooting rate is relatively stable, 39.7% from three in the regular season and 40% in the playoffs. He just performed very poorly in this game.


What are the problems behind Wiggins

Most of Wiggins' 27 points in the game came by cutting into the opponent's restricted area, including six offensive rebounds. When opponents are trying to double-team Curry, Wiggins will seize the opportunity to cut to the basket, find the time to catch a teammate's pass, or grab an offensive rebound, which makes him very active in the paint. It can be said that most of Wiggins's points in this game were related to the covering of his teammates. His personal ability to hold the ball and breakthrough is not enough. He could not lead the team alone when he was in the Deepwood Wolves before. Still, after coming to the Warriors, There are more suitable candidates for the job, and Wiggins has taken on more defensive tasks. Still, these problems are insignificant in the face of his excellent physical condition.

Wiggins currently has an 82 rating in NBA 2K based on his regular-season performance. But after this playoff, it is expected that his rating in NBA 2K23 will increase by about 5 points to 87 points. Why can't Wiggins be in the 90+ ranks? Because his skill in singles with the ball is not good, judging from his current situation with the Warriors, he does not need to use this skill, but if he leaves the Warriors one day, this will be his Achilles heel.

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