Could Wiggins' playoff performance boost his rating in NBA 2K23?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-05-24 11:27:01
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This year, Wiggins' performance in the playoffs is entirely different from the regular season as if the person. Wiggins felt like he was at work in the previous regular season and only completed the job assigned to him on the court. Even if the team fell behind and needed someone to stand up to score, Wiggins was indifferent. This has caused him to be criticized by the outside world, and many fans even believe that he is not worthy of the MVP.

Based on his performance in the regular season, NBA 2K adjusted his game rating to 82 in its most recent player rating, down two points from before. Many people on the outside thought this might be his last year with the Warriors, but in the playoffs that followed, Wiggins' excellent performance changed people's perception of him.

In the game against Dallas Mavericks, Wiggins' performance on the defensive end was perfect, making Doncic unable to effectively drive his teammates, causing him to lose the game. Although Doncic worked hard in the game, he still became a foil for Wiggins, and now there is a picture of Wiggins detaining Doncic everywhere on the Internet.

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Wiggins' performance on offense
Wiggins had 27 points, 11 rebounds, and three assists in Game 3 with a game-high +22 plus-minus, which broke Wiggins' scoring record in the regular season. Before this, many outsiders believed that Wiggins would be limited to 17-19 points per game because he averaged no more than 20 points per game in most previous games, but Wiggins used the game. Tell people that he was capable of scoring 20+ points. Especially in the last quarter of the game, when Dallas Mavericks gradually reduced the point difference, Wiggins and Curry cooperated. After receiving the pass, Wiggins took off and dunked from the free-throw line, and Doncic jumped after the run. Blocked, hit Wiggins with the side, and was pushed to the side by Wiggins and fell to the ground. This moment also became a classic. Wiggins took off and scored consecutive dunks under the basket in the following time. Doncic was utterly stunned, and both ends of the offense and defense were lost.

Wiggins' performance on the defensive end
In this series, Wiggins' main defensive target is Doncic. Doncic has skills and strength, but he feels very uncomfortable when facing Wiggins. Although Wiggins is relatively low in body fat, he is not lacking in confrontation. Doncic's post-up singles Wiggins can't shake his body, making Doncic pass the ball to his teammates or force a shot, but Vikings Si is also very good at jumping. He only needs to take off in place to block most of Doncic's shot space. Such Wiggins makes the opponent's coach unable to crack.

Although Doncic scored 40 points and 11 rebounds in the game, the team lost the game, but he became the background board for Wiggins' dunk, which made him feel frustrated and made people realize The power of Kings. Doncic's latest rating in NBA 2K22 is 95, but he is entirely unable to face Wiggins in the playoffs, which raises doubts about the authenticity of Wiggins' rating.

Wiggins is a very physically gifted player, but he has never participated in the championship competition for various reasons. Perhaps this year's Warriors gave him hope of winning the championship, so he changed it in the playoffs. In the past, the attitude towards the game was actively fighting on the field. As a professional player, no one can resist the temptation of a championship. Based on his performance in the playoffs, his rating is bound to rise significantly in NBA 2K23.

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