The Warriors beat the Grizzlies with Kerr's sensible play

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Time: 2022-05-16 06:15:05
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The battle between the Warriors and the Grizzlies is over. In the G6 game, the Warriors defeated the Grizzlies by a big score at home. If you look at this game alone, you may feel that Klay Thompson is the one who deserves the most credit, but if you look closely at the Warriors and the Grizzlies. Of all the Grizzlies games, you'll find that the most significant contributor is head coach Kerr.

The Warriors' 3-pointers nearly smashed the rim in the first two games, but the Grizzlies beat the Warriors in Game 3 with Morant's offense. Since then, the Warriors have changed tactics under Kerr.


Kerr's Tactical Adjustment - Changes to the Starting Lineup
After Payton Jr.'s injury, Kerr didn't return to the team's regular lineup and didn't use the three-guard lineup he used against the Nuggets. After Iguodala was injured, the only options left to Kerr were Kuminga and Porter. Kerr boldly put first-year freshman Kuminga in the starting lineup to improve his athletic ability in the penalty area, so you will find that the Warriors will be in the game. In the first quarter, they attacked the opponent's penalty area, but the Grizzlies began to shoot 3-pointers crazily. The two teams seemed to have exchanged their play styles. Kalinga and Wiggins, the two Warriors, had the most athletic talent. Good players are constantly attacking the Grizzlies in the paint, which is not how the Warriors usually play.

But unfortunately, this adjustment was unsuccessful and did not achieve the desired effect. The reason is that Kuminga is too young, and he still has a lot to learn, although he has a good sense of secondary rebounding and physical fitness. He is excellent at jumping and jumping, but he is often paying tuition for his youth, making many turnovers on the court, wasting scoring opportunities, and allowing the Grizzlies to seize the chance to fight back.

Although the score was quickly pulled by the Grizzlies' 3-pointer in the first two quarters, these were all expected. Kerr did not call a timeout but replaced Kuminga and Klay in the rotation time, letting Porter and Poole play. After that, the Warriors' offense smoothed. Although the Grizzlies won the game in the end, the Warriors only lost 2 points when the Grizzlies were ahead by a significant score. It can be seen that this tactic is very effective.

The rhythm of the Warriors in this game is to start from the inside and play slowly to the outside. The Grizzlies can strengthen the inside defense in the third quarter through the inside attack in the first two quarters, but the Warriors changed their style in the third quarter and started to play outside. The Grizzlies were caught off guard by showing their real cards in the third quarter.

The Warriors have won 26 points in three games by adjusting the starting lineup. If the hole card is exposed in the first quarter, the opponent will get three-quarters of the adjustment time, but if the hole card is used in the third quarter, the opponent has only one The adjustment time of the section, which is the cleverness of Kerr. Teams and coaches who can close a vast point gap in the fourth quarter are rare in the entire NBA.

The most famous team ever to kill the game in the third quarter was the Jordan-led Bulls. They were best at opening a vast point difference in the third quarter and then went straight to rest in the fourth quarter. The player with the highest scoring efficiency in three quarters is now head coach Kerr.


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