The pelicans game gives Klay Thompson back his confidence

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-04-11 16:39:17
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In the just-concluded game against the Pelicans, Klay Thompson seemed to be back to his best form before the injury. He played 31 minutes and scored a high of 41 points, setting a scoring record this season. The previous record was In the game against the Bucks, and if Curry's injury can recover before the playoffs, it will give Warriors fans the hope of a championship contender.

It only took a quarter of the game to play the Pelicans unintentionally, and I want to end it quickly. Since the Pelicans do not have much competitiveness in front of the Warriors, it is easier for the Warriors to deal with them. The best player in the game was Klay Thompson.

Unable to integrate into the team after returning
Clay has participated in 20+ games since his return this year. Except for a few games initially, he was in a good state. For most of the time after that, he was in an idle state, unable to integrate into the team, and couldn't find himself on the court. He only scored 7 points in the whole game at the worst time. His poor performance was a drag on the team, and the head coach felt that Klay needed some sobriety. Through the analysis of the game, you will find that he has a lot of ball-attacking and unreasonable forced shots on the court, which has also attracted the dissatisfaction of many fans.


The pelicans game gives Klay Thompson back his confidence

Reposition your abilities
Klay's idle state lasted for a while until Green's return did things turn around. Klay began to return to his familiar rhythm slowly. Green supported pick-and-rolls at the top of the arc, hand-to-hand to cooperate with passing the ball, And sending the empty cut ball to Klay, this coordination can give full play to Klay's advantages, and it is also the style of play he is most familiar with. Because teammate Poole is very stable, Klay doesn't need to hold the ball too much. He needs to run without the ball to open up the space, catch the pass from his teammate and shoot immediately. Klay maintained this state perfectly throughout the first half, playing 17 minutes and scoring 21 points on 8 of 15 shots. During this period, the teammates' passing and cutting cooperation gave Klay a lot of room to play. As long as Klay doesn't hold the ball on the court, he is one of the top three-point shooters in the NBA. There is no doubt about this.

By changing his tactics on the court, Klay found a way to maximize his points. By the first two quarters' adaptation, his off-ball movement and catch-and-shoot were the most critical points for the Warriors to win the game by the third quarter. This made the head coach have to reflect on whether the previous tactical arrangement for Klay was reasonable.

Klay has averaged 30+ points in 4 games and 40+ in one game in the last six games. He bid farewell to the NBA for two years. Klay spent 32 games to find the team before entering the playoffs. Returning to the state and ending the season with an average of 20+ per game is a cause for celebration for both the team and himself.

At present, Klay Thompson's dynamic rating in NBA 2K is still 83 points, but many fans believe that his rating will not stop here and will rise again after the tempering of the game.

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