Klay Thompson's 2K rating is coming back

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-03-14 11:31:08
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Klay Thompson's rating dropped by 3 points in the latest 2K dynamic rating. During the game, the former Klay seemed to be back again. If he can maintain this good state, his 2K rating will increase significantly in the next rating.

Reasons for the drop in the Klay score
Klay's 2K rating fluctuates directly depending on his performance on the court. In recent games, he has shot 6 of 17 against the Mavericks, 3 of 13 against the Lakers, 9 of 23 against the Clippers, and the Nuggets'7-of-20 from the field. To get the most ball possession on the field, but in exchange for such a bad performance, this was a massive blow to the former shooter, which disappointed the fans and made him self-doubt.

Some people think his injury is the reason, but the regular season is ending, and the Warriors have no more time to let him adapt to the game. Given his poor form, 2K slashed Klay's rating in the most recent issue of Player Dynamics. If Klay wants to restore his previous rating, he will need to show better performance in the next game.


Klay Thompson

Analysis of the reasons for the recovery of Klay's state
Given Klay's poor performance in recent games, fans once thought that he was not suitable to appear on the court again, but for the coach, it is psychological for him to let a star player with the team's maximum salary sit on the bench. Even if the team loses, it is necessary to ensure Klay's starting position. The worst result is that he still cannot find his state until traded. The blow on it will be devastating.

To reduce Klay's psychological pressure and let him regain his confidence, the coach emphasized to Klay that he should choose the best shooting opportunity. If it is not open, it is best to select passing. This means that Klay has only one task on the court: to concentrate on throwing open three-pointers, regain the feeling he once had, and gradually build up his self-confidence.

In the game against the Bucks, Klay's 3-pointer in the second quarter became the turning point of the entire game, and Wiggins' offensive score in the interior laid the cornerstone for the Warriors' victory. Although the Splash Brothers were present simultaneously in the battlefield game, Curry was just a bit, and the real offense was here with Klay and Poole. When the game entered the third quarter, the Warriors had already opened a 20-point difference, making the victory no suspense.

In this game, the coach adjusted Klay's positioning on the court, significantly reduced the time he held the ball and concentrated on being a shooting point. As long as the teammates around him fed him the ball, Klay was still very efficient in fixed-point shooting. Gao and Klay used the ball on the court to attack the opponent's defensive inside line, and the result was terrible, which shows that the coach and Klay himself are fully aware of this severe problem. Instead of wasting time on the court, it is better to do The things you are best at.

Due to the implementation of the most suitable tactics, Klay's data in this game is impressive, scoring 38 points, 6 REB, 5 AST, 1 STL, 1 BLK. They created a new personal scoring high this season and a further individual scoring high in the past three years.

In this game, Klay gave the coaches and fans too many surprises, helping the team win and laying a foundation for rebuilding self-confidence, hoping to continue to use similar tactics in the following games to do for the playoffs. Well prepared.

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