The referee can't save the fate of the Nets from being eliminated

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-04-26 14:50:29
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Today is the fourth game between the Nets and the Celtics. Previously, the Nets fell behind the Celtics by a 0-3. For the Nets, this crucial game had no way out, winning or eliminating; the NBA sent Foster to serve as the game's referee. Although everyone understood what this meant, it still did not change the fate of the Nets.

In the first three-quarters of the game, the Celtics continued to widen the point difference, but they played very hard because the referee was constantly being called for fouls. In the fourth quarter, Tatum accumulated five fouls and left the court. Durant and Irving led the team to chase the score to only 1 point, but the rest of the Celtics fought tenaciously at this critical moment. once again expanded the score and finally sealed the victory. The Nets were only 4 points away and were eliminated by the Celtics.


The referee is looking after the nets
In the first three-quarters of the game, the referee was the reason the Nets were able to hold the score tightly. With the referee's help, whenever the Celtics led the Nets by a big score, the referee would find an opportunity to take a penalty. The Celtics fouled, and the Nets got many free throws. If it were in the regular season, the referee would not give liability for this level of confrontation, but this is the NBA playoffs, and the Nets will be out if they lose again. To save the Nets and for the NBA to sell tickets for a few more games, the referee must be with the Nets. But the result of the game was beyond the referee's expectations. In the case of Tatum fouling off the court, the other Celtics players were still able to score continuously and eventually eliminated the Nets from the game. The referee was indifferent to this situation Method.

The Nets' problem isn't just for Durant
The reason why the Nets lost all four games is not only a problem with Durant, but other players, including coaches, cannot escape responsibility. Although Durant's offense is very sharp, it's not just about personal crime on the court. When you are targeted by opposing players, can you create opportunities for your teammates and organize teammates to score? If not, it will cause the team to lose the game with a high probability. And the offensive ability of the court is precisely what Durant does not have. Although the score in the last match was 30+, the efficiency was not high. Therefore, Durant played very tiredly in the game.

Another scoring point for the Nets is Irving, which may be due to a lack of physical strength due to hunger. His performance in this game was also very average, and he was also a player who was restricted by the key points. Although he persisted for 45 minutes, it was not too much'more chances to score. In addition, the height of the Nets also limits the team's defense, and there are no defensive players who can match the Celtics, resulting in the loss of points.

In addition to player problems, the Nets also had issues with coach Nash. Nash did not make targeted tactical adjustments through the previous losses, and the team did not have a good organizer. When Irving and Durant were restricted, The Nets' offense stalled, and the bench players in good condition were not given more opportunities. It is expected that in the new season, the Nets may change the head coach.

Based on the above factors, it can be seen that the biggest problem for the Nets is not only the coach's tactical arrangement but also the organization of offense and defense. Once Durant and Irving lose their due roles on the court, the Nets will be wiped out. Disaster.

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