Jayson Tatum deserves a boost in NBA 2K

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The results are evident to all. Jayson Tatum is a player for the Boston Celtics, who currently have a dynamic rating of 89 in NBA 2K. But since March, he has found his best form on the court, winning the title of Player of the Week three times in a row. Even against Durant and Kyrie Irving, he can still score 54 points and lead the team to win games.

Why Tatum is doing so well
Tatum's outstanding performance since March is mainly reflected in the improvement of transmission and assists, the progress of shooting percentage, and the advancement of defensive ability.

Shooting percentage improvement
NBA 2K released his GO card on March 22 with a score of 97 and Offense 98. Shooting attributes are above 90+, which shows that Tatum's improvement in shooting percentage is noticeable. At the beginning of the new season, Tatum's scoring efficiency on the court was very low, causing many fans to be dissatisfied. Still, his shooting percentage has been dramatically improved since the All-Star after the game.


Match Data PTS FG% 3P% TS%
Pre-All-Star Game 25.7 43.3 32.9 55.3
Post-All-Star Game 32.1 50.7 35.6 62.3

It can be seen from the above data comparison that Tatum has completed self-improvement in shooting percentage, which is one of the reasons why he has averaged 30+ per game since March.

Enhancement of conduction and assists
As Boston's game has improved over the past few weeks, Tatum's. Tatum's assist total increased by more than one per game during Boston's winning streak. His teammates noticed that Tatum was playing smarter, which translated into team success.

Improvement in defensive ability
Tatum's defensive talent is also relatively good, with a long wingspan and fast lateral speed. In this game, Tatum also contributed a lot on the defensive end, DefRTG: 106, DWS: 4.2, DFG%: 42.7, Diff%: -2.9. DWS's data is the highest in the league, and such information is eligible for the All-Defensive Team this season.

Considering the above factors, NBA 2K has enough reasons to adjust Jayson Tatum's rating in the next update.

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