Can Jayson Tatum get out of the trough after being selected for Galaxy Opals?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-01-24 15:10:43
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In the fourth season, NBA 2K22 has just released Jayson Tatum's Galaxy Opal player card. Jayson Tatum's form has exploded, scoring 51 points in Sunday's game against the WIZARDS. Can this state continue, or is it just an accidental outbreak?


It's like being under a spell. Jayson Tatum has been in a slump in previous games, dropping to a career-worst 31.1 percent from the field this season and missing 21 of his 22 3-point attempts. But in the Galaxy Opal player card released in 2K, Jayson Tatum's attributes are excellent, Shot Mid and Shot 3pt are both 94 points, which seems like a blessing, making Jayson Tatum 18 of 28 in Sunday's game, He made 9 of 14 3-pointers, 6 of 6 free throws, and set a record for nine 3-pointers.


Can Jayson Tatum get out of the trough after being selected for Galaxy Opals?


The 92 Speed ''?and 90 Speed 'With Ball given in the Galaxy Opal card were also amazingly reflected on the court. Jayson Tatum used flexible footwork and speed many times in the game to get rid of defenders quickly and at the basket. As described in the Galaxy Opal card, many fights and stamina are very durable. It makes one wonder that 2K helped remove the curse for Jayson Tatum in that game, given that Jayson Tatum only scored 12 points against HORNETS, and this turnaround showed fans a reversal for the Celtics.


While Sunday's performance won't bring him back to where his career should be right away, it's a step in the right direction. In addition, Jayson Tatum's outstanding performance shot and grabbed 10 REB and sent 7 AST to bring a complete game for the Celtics and make the team more points than WIZARDS.


I don't know if the excellent performance on Sunday can be continued in the next game, which will be the reason for his selection to the All-Star. After all, Jayson Tatum was in the inferior form before.


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