The most overlooked NBA rookie this season

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-05-11 14:14:59
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There are many excellent players in the NBA every year. Although the player introduced today is still a novice, judging from the game data of this season, his performance on the court is good enough. He is a member of the Tyranny Dragons. Scottie Barnes.

At the beginning of the 2021-2022 season, Barnes did not attract much attention. People were more willing to focus on the next Doncic or another physically strong rookie player than an unremarkable rookie. But after entering the NBA, Barnes used his strength to dispel everyone's doubts and played a good enough performance at the 4th position.

Scottie Barnes' average stats

15.3 7.5 3.5 1.1 0.8 49.2%


Judging from these primary data, Barnes has obtained the capital to establish a foothold in the NBA, but everyone knows that this is far from the upper limit of his ability.


The most overlooked NBA rookie this season

Scottie Barnes on both ends of the floor
Defensive End
Barnes can be a barrier for the Raptors on the defensive end. When Siakam and Anunoby are off the court, the opposing team's best offensive player needs him to guard. At the beginning of the season, Barnes struggled on the defensive end, but he Immediately adjusted to become a solid defensive player. Barnes can defend multiple positions on the floor. His size and strength give him enough ability to withstand big men in the post. Coupled with excellent mobility, the height advantage makes it difficult for the opponent's defenders and flanks to find opportunities. It can also give the opponent intense oppression after switching defenses.

In addition, Barnes has a better defensive vision. He knows how much defensive distance he should keep with the opponent and can limit the opponent more effectively. For example, in the game against the Nets at the beginning of the season, facing Durant's ball, On offense, Barnes cleverly got stuck on the midline between Durant and Harden, preventing Durant from passing the ball to Harden at any time. When Durant entered his defensive area, he quickly stepped forward to double-team. Use the teammate's screen to take the ball away from Durant.

Even though Barnes still has a lot to learn, his performance on the defensive end makes him an elite defensive player shortly.

Offensive End
Force. Watching Barnes's game, I feel like a weakened version of Giannis Antetokounmpo. His ability to impact the basket is a significant threat. He can often rush to the basket to take off and dunk with an acceleration, which is more impactful than Giannis when he was young. Not only that, Barnes improved his jump shot earlier than Giannis Antetokounmpo, has a unique shooting touch in the mid-range, and is very willing to get offensive opportunities through constant movement, which is the type that all head coaches like.

Although Barnes doesn't have any particularly outstanding skills on the offensive end, nor does he have a very consistent scorer, he can be a little bit in all kinds of offense.

In addition to his excellent performance at both ends of the offense and defense, Barnes also has his unique place in the crime. A striker with organizational skills is very popular in the NBA, and Barnes has demonstrated this ability. The action deceives the defensive player to pass the ball, which already has the prototype of the point forward.

Although, as a rookie, Barnes has performed well enough, he still has a lot to learn, such as the choice of shooting timing and the honing of shooting skills, the vision of passing has to be expanded, and the quality of death has to be improved; Don't be overly aggressive on defense, or you'll get into foul trouble, etc. Like every newcomer to the NBA, Barnes has a lot of work to become a better player.



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