Players can get the most valuable DM player before season 8 arrives

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As time goes by, the 7th season of 2K22 has entered the second half. In addition to welcoming the upcoming new season, players can also take advantage of the last time of the 7th season to acquire DM players.

NBA 2K22 has released a new bundle for the game, which contains eight Dark Matter player cards, some of which have been requested by players for a long time, including the debut of Invincible DM Kevin Durant. This card is selling for over 800K NBA 2K22 MT at auction.

Invincible DM Kevin Durant Stats
As the league's top SF/PF, KD has the best Offense and Defense in the regular season. With KD's excellent personal ability, the Nets can enter the playoffs after the disbandment of the Big Three.

Shooting: A+
Judging from KD's performance over the years, his scoring ability in the regular season is top-notch. Even if the team is in an unfavorable situation, he can withstand the pressure and help the team score. 2K is very good to Kevin Durant at this point. Approved.

Inside Scoring and Defense are both A. There is no doubt about this. Since NBA 2K recognizes KD's excellence, his ability on both ends of offense and defense is also the best. His lateral speed reaches 97 points, which makes him easily break through defenders or successfully intercept opposing attacking players.

Finishing Badges

Shooting Badges

Playmaking Badges

Defensive Badges

Personality Badges

With the excellent SF/PF of Kevin Durant, your team still lacks a good PG. In this version of 2K22, PG is more popular, giving you the best chance to take over whatever you are in. Contest.

Playmaking Shot Creator Build:
Location: PG
Skill Breakdown Pie Chart: Shooting/Playmaking Advantage (green/orange)
Main Attributes: MAX Shot, MAX Finish, MAX Organization, Remaining Defense
Height: 6'1" to 6'2"
Weight: 165LBS​​ to 170LBS
Wingspan: 81"
Takeover: Shot Creator, Spot Up Shooter
Badges: Hot Zone Hunter, Reaper, Lucky #7

2K22 will usher in its eighth season in a while, and some players who are bored in the game have begun to pay attention to the start time of the eighth season, which is easy to calculate. Season 8 will meet players on the first day next month, if nothing else. The NBA finals will be over before the end of this month, so the theme of 2K22 season eight should be related to the NBA championship.

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