How far can the defenseless Nets go in the playoffs?

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Time: 2022-04-19 14:10:27
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On the surface, it was a basket case. In the just-concluded G1 game, the Nets lost to the Celtics by one point. Although Irving scored 39 points in the game, he was still beaten by Tutum at the last minute. Bad luck for the Nets, but the main reason is that the Nets' offensive dominance overshadows the problems on the defensive end.

In the regular season of the NBA, the Nets' offense is very effective, especially the combination of Durant and Irving. They can ignore the opponent's defense and lead the team to score most of the time, undoubtedly making people forget the Nets' defense. That offense can replace protection. However, where strong teams gather in the playoffs, such shortcomings are fatal. In the face of a team with a balanced attack and defense, problems within the group are often exposed. The Nets are a good example.


How far can the defenseless Nets go in the playoffs?

During the game, there was a problem with the offensive duo of the Nets. Durant was not in good shape. He was restricted by the opponent's five players in the form of wheel battles, which consumed Durant's physical strength and the performance of other players on the team. The players of the Carters are full of firepower and quickly widen the point difference, which makes it difficult for the Nets to catch up behind. There is nothing particularly outstanding, and they can only rely on Irving to mobilize the team.

It wasn't until the fourth quarter that the Nets changed their tactics and cut down on some unnecessary passes to smooth the offense. Facing a team that likes to force opponents to make mistakes and then fight back, the most effective strategy is to rely on the individual ability of the star to score points. Irving is such a player, which is why he can score 39 points in the game; not only that, he Also fully mobilizes other players to help them score. But despite Irving's efforts to catch up on the court, poor defense cost the Nets the game.

Although the Nets opened the point difference in the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter, Durant and Irving were already very tired, but the coach did not call a timeout, which led to the score being caught up by the Carters. At this time, the problem on the defensive end Is exposed. The defense of the corresponding player can't limit the opponent's offense, which is why the Celtics can make lore at the last moment.

The Nets' Disadvantages
1. From defensive confrontation to height and field experience and on-the-spot decision-making ability, the Nets have always been at a disadvantage, and the Nets have only Durant and Irving. The Nets have the advantage when Durant is not in good shape'reduced by half.

2. The Nets now lack a person who can organize players' offense. When Durant holds the ball too much, the opponent will use wheel battles to consume Durant's physical strength and make the Nets passive on the court.

3. There is no external defensive pressure at all, which leads to being easily attacked by the opponent to score at the basket.

4. The Nets' rotation lineup remains the same, and as the game progresses, this lineup will not be able to continue to provide more help for Durant and Irving.

Suppose the Nets want to go further in the playoffs. In that case, the first thing they need to solve is the problem of Durant being double-teamed, and also pray that Irving can continue to play at a super level and other players can contribute to the team. . But these don't seem easy to do.

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