How much value does the re-entered Kyrie Irving have for the Nets?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-04-07 13:46:51
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Kyrie Irving is currently a player for the NBA Nets. Because he has been reluctant to get vaccinated against the new crown, he can only play games on the road. However, some time ago, New York City revised the epidemic prevention policy, allowing Irving to participate in the team's home games, according to Irving. In the previous performance on the road, many fans felt that the Nets would be sharper on offense. Still, Irving's performance after the release of the ban was unexpected.


How much value does the re-entered Kyrie Irving have for the Nets?

Reasons for Irving's decline
1. Physical problems
Before Irving's game restrictions were lifted, he could rest for several days after a game, which allowed him to keep his energy level. But after the lifting of the ban, he played five games a week and averaged 40 minutes per game, which made him physically exhausted.

2. The opponent's defense is more targeted
Since Irving did not participate in many games before, it was difficult for the opposing team to know the Nets' defensive strategy. Now, with Irving participating typically, the opponent quickly discovered the weaknesses of the Nets. Rand and Irving can control the flow of the game. This will lead to much physical contact and double-teaming between Durant and Irving. Durant has no impact with his excellent physical fitness and passing awareness, but Irving's passing ability is not enough, and he likes to play singles with the ball. Once it feels terrible, it will be very deadly.

While the Nets were working hard for the playoffs, Irving started his own Ramadan because the need to fast during Ramadan directly led to his physical decline in the game and low game efficiency. This can not help but make people question Irving's professional attitude. While Irving's stats are good, he's always been sidelined for various personal and personal issues. He only played 98 games for the team in three seasons. He is not the kind of person who can make sacrifices for the team. Any player who wants a championship cannot accept such a teammate. This is why James Harden left. One.

It is undeniable that Irving's basketball talent is outstanding. Still, based on his past performance, if Irving is used as the core of the team's long-term team building, there will only be two outcomes: the group will become a championship, or the team's performance will plummet. As the Nets are currently doing, going from an early-season championship hotspot to needing to pass the playoffs to get a playoff ticket is a very vivid case, and managing a player like Irving is very challenging for the team.

Based on the above situation, whether the Nets will continue to keep Irving in the following offseason will be a question.