Could Harden's ratings in NBA 2K go back to the best of times?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-03-29 11:51:53
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Harden used to be a great shooting guard. He set a lot of records in this position. He once scored as high as 96 points in NBA 2K, but no one can guarantee that he will always be this good over time. Harden also faced the same problem.

In the just-concluded 76ers game against the Suns, although Embiid scored 37 points in the game, he still could not lead the team to victory; one of the reasons is that James Harden was not in the game. Since being traded to the 76ers, Harden's performance has been up and down, which has caused his rating in NBA 2K to fluctuate.

Harden's rating in NBA 2K
When he was in Houston that year, Harden had a high rating in NBA 2K, setting several records and scoring an astonishing 96 points. He was a first-line player in the NBA. After being traded to the Nets, his ratings began to slump, averaging just 94 points during his time with the Nets, and Harden's form has been shaky since then, especially in the early 2022 games. Harden's rating in NBA 2K once dropped to 90 points, which shows how bad his state is.

Now Harden has come to the 76ers. Although the dynamic rating has risen, it is not large, only reaching 92 points. If this trend continues, the 76ers will not be able to go very far in the playoffs. Disuse. While we're sure he won't be able to return to the 96 points he scored in Houston, at least he has to reach the 94 points he scored in the Nets so that the team can hope for a championship.


Could Harden

The reason for the unstable state
The main reason for such a big gap is Harden's mentality. Whether it is against the Nets before or against the Suns, Harden feels hesitant when he encounters a strong team. He does not take the initiative to attack the court and spends more time passing the ball to his teammates. But when playing against weak teams, Harden was very strong, decisive in everything from playmaking to shooting.

Now Harden is playing on the court, and he lacks the fighting spirit he used to have. Perhaps it is because of his age, or he does not want to be entangled by injuries. When encountering difficulties, his first choice is to pass the ball to his teammates. It's very different from what he did in Houston. In the just-concluded game against the Suns, Embiid was actively fighting on the court and repeatedly signaled Harden to attack by himself. However, Harden still chose to pass the ball in most cases, and his offensive efficiency was extremely low. At that time, Harden dared to fight, had a strong love and dream for basketball, and created and refreshed records on the team many times, but his current performance is not worthy of the standard that an All-Star player should have. However, Harden

Harden, as the team's star, second only to Embiid, should stand up and become the team's scoring point at critical moments, not just play the role of a playmaker, which is not worthy of his status in the group everything he has. The salary he got also shows that he has no desire to take the initiative to attack in this game. When this kind of psychological fluctuation occurs, teammates cannot provide direct and practical help. They can only adjust by themselves, but this may be a long process, and even worse, they can't solve it themselves.

Harden's most significant possibility is to return to the previous 94 points by combining the above factors. If he wants to restore the honor of his time in Houston, it is impossible to accomplish if he does not change his attitude towards the game.

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