NBA 2K22 The best cost-effective small forward player

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2021-12-11 15:59:08
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Small Forward is the most critical scorer in the team's position, the most comprehensive person on the court, and has a good basketball defensive ability. Many candidates in the auction house, but not all players deserve it. Only the most cost-effective players can maximize the team's promotion without exceeding the budget.

The representative of the best small forward is LeBron James, but the price of the pink diamond LeBron James is very high. Unless you have a sufficient budget, it is not recommended to buy it. There are still many cost-effective players worthy of our consideration, and we will recommend them according to the level of the player card.

Best Amethyst Small Forward:
Kawhi Leonard-Amethyst (90 OVR)-SF

Luka Doncic-Amethyst (90 OVR)-SF

Mikal Bridges-Amethyst (90 OVR)-SF/PF

Amethyst is a level that is often overlooked in the game. But it can also build a very stable and competitive team. If your budget is limited, the Amethyst grading card will be crucial. Your final spend will not exceed 10,000 MT, and you can get an incredible player.

Kawhi Leonard and Luka Doncic can only be suitable for small forward positions. Luka Doncic is an excellent scorer and passer, but his defense and three-point shooting percentage are weak.

Mikal Bridges is an excellent scorer, especially from beyond the three-point line. But he is relatively small and is likely to be pushed down in the low post. You can make full use of his long-range scoring ability to prevent this. In addition, having the long-range scoring ability is also helpful to Clutch Time in the third season.

Best Diamond Small Forward:
Jimmy Butler-Diamond (94 OVR)-SF/SG

Dominique Wilkins-Diamond (93 OVR)-SF/SG

Tobias Harris-Diamond (93 OVR)-SF/PF

Tobias Harris sold for only 25,000 MT at the auction house. He has considerable size and incredible shots from beyond the three-point line. Dominique Wilkins is a nightmare for opposing players in the penalty area, but his three-pointers are not high, considering the game's balance.

Jimmy Butler has the highest overall rating here and is a perfect combination of the two players. His athletic ability and basketball IQ have been rated as A+, making him an excellent choice for MyTEAM.

Best Pink Diamond Small Forward:
Kevin Durant-Pink Diamond (95 OVR)-SF/PF

Paul George-Pink Diamond (95 OVR)-SF/PF

Jayson Tatum-Pink Diamond (95 OVR)-SF/PF

Pink diamonds are the most expensive cards you can buy at auction, so you must ensure that these players fit your budget.

The outside shooting ability of these three players is excellent, especially Jayson Tatum. He can easily break through the penalty area. More players love Kevin Durant, but the price may be as high as 300,000 NBA 2K22 MT. The prices of Paul George and Jayson Tatum range from 100K MT to 150K MT.

The price of pink diamond players is very high, but there is not only one way to obtain it. Every time NBA 2K22 updates the locker code, you have the opportunity to bring the best players among them. You can buy a few more gift packs. , This can increase the chance of winning, and the cost of purchasing a gift package is lower than the cost of buying pink diamonds at the auction house.