NBA 2K22 Season 3 Clutch Time Guide

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2021-11-26 11:28:57
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A new 2KTV clip reveals Clutch Time, a new NBA 2K22 MyTEAM game mode in which you will form your best five-person team to complete the game. It looks like it will be fun and allows you to finish it quickly in Game mode and get rewards. But in this quarter of the game, you will not have any substitute players to use. In addition, 2K has also prepared a brand new stadium for the game to have completely different scenery.

What is Clutch Time?
Clutch Time seems to be a game mode that focuses on completing the game in one period. There are no lineup restrictions, but only five players can be used. If you have some excellent shooters in your lineup, you will feel very relaxed.

Clutch Time's rules are also straightforward. There are no substitutes, and a sudden death system is implemented over overtime. In addition, a brand new element has been introduced, the 4-point line. If the team has an excellent shooter who can make perfect use of the 4-point line, you will gain a clear advantage.

What badges does Clutch Time need?
A good shooter is inseparable from the shooting badge. You need to equip or upgrade some shooting badges for the shooters in the team. If you haven't figured out which badges you need, we will recommend more practical shooting for players' reference.

Among all NBA 2K22 shooting badges, this is a trendy badge, and it is also one of the few shooting badges that can take effect without upgrading to the Hall of Fame badge. You can have it at the Bronze level or upgrade it to the Hall of Fame. Each badge level is approximately 3%-5% more effective.

Mismatch Expert
Mismatch Expert is very suitable for players who use the Playmaking Shot Creator version. This is a more petite build that will help you defeat a taller defender. Players with the Mismatch badge will achieve tremendous success when they encounter a higher defender while shooting. But this badge needs to be below 6'4" to be used. You will sacrifice some height, but in return, you will get incredible shots.

Blinders is a shooting badge that received a lot of attention during the early update of NBA 2K22. Because it performed so well, it was weakened by 2K almost immediately. Even if it is cut, Blinders is still an excellent shooting badge, and with the Blinders badge, you will still get a lot of value.

Build the best team lineup
What you want to care about is to build the best five-person lineup for Clutch Time. Don't be particularly obsessed with one type of player.

An ideal lineup would be a good combination of rebounders and shooters. Players who can kick off and kick open shooters especially need to make full use of the 4-point line in Clutch Time. Because Clutch Time is a fast-paced game mode, every shot is essential.

You will be in good shape if you have a good shooter for yourself, even at the power forward and center positions. If you already have some great shooters, you need to arrange appropriate badges instead of sending them to the auction house. Amethyst Draymond Green and Drazen are recommended here.

Clutch Time rewards
Galaxy Opal - Jerry West
Pink Diamond - Damian Lillard


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