NBA 2K22 adds ten new songs in the third season

NBA 2K22 Date: Dec/03/21 09:47:06 Views: 1254

NBA 2K22 ushered in a new third season on December 3rd. The game mode has been adapted, and ten new songs have been added to the game to bring players a unique listening experience.


NBA 2K22 adds ten new songs in the third season

These newly added songs are great, and the additional pieces in the soundtrack will provide a more diverse soundtrack, wildly after 2K Beats Search. These ten new songs feature names such as Logic and Big Sean and artists such as NLE Choppa. Essentially, you won’t get bored by listening to these recent hits.

New songs list

"STOP IT" by Bino Rideaux "BIG" by Kendra Jae "WIN" by Saint Bodhi "Chaos" by Big Sean & Hit-Boy "Realest Richest Youngin" by Roddy Rackzz
"untitled" by Logic "Lose My Cool ft. NLE Choppa" by 070 Shake "You Wouldn't Believe Me" by LaTheGoat "Let's Go" by Goon Des Garcons "AMF" by John Lindahl
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