How to improve your shooting badge quickly and effectively?

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The new game mode Clutch Time has also arrived with the third season's opening. Under the new scoring mechanism, it is essential to have a good shooter in the team and determine whether a shooter is good. The shooting badge level is judged—one of the standards. Therefore, you need to quickly upgrade the marksman's badge level in the third season.

This year's rules are different from before. Although the problematic exercises in training can also bring significant progress, the most effective badge points are still obtained in the competition. If you have not yet joined the NBA, be sure to complete the college and G League games before joining the NBA. This will allow you to get more badges in advance. These badges work best on Hall of Fame difficulty, but they can still produce good results at lower levels.


How to improve your shooting badge quickly and effectively?

How to increase the level of shooting badges?
1. Corner kick
Go into the corner and ask for a pick and roll. The screen should run towards the middle. When the screen approaches, place the ball on your right hand, press and hold the turbo button on the handle, and flick the right joystick to the right or down with the other hand. When you perform such an operation, your player will jump up, causing the defender to relax his defensive coverage. When the ball pops out, continue holding the turbine and pushing the left stick down. At this time, the defender will be stuck by the system, allowing you to get easy shots from the wing.

To go the defensive player's scope smoothly, you need to take a step back before the opponent is ready. You can enter the corner, hold down the turbo and press the right joystick down to trigger the rewind. When the defender is fooled, press the left stick to exit the coverage and shoot your three-pointer. Once the AI ​​adapts to movement, it only needs to move out and make an air relay.

Since its introduction, this method has undergone many changes. With a bit of adjustment, you can move your players in a zigzag pattern before making a corner kick, and the AI ​​is usually too slow to keep up.

Two, catch the ball and shoot three points.
The following method simply walks around the three-point line until one of your teammates passes the ball to you. Once they did, they made a three-point shot. If your players have good OVR ratings, then this practice can get a good boost. The coverage is weak when your player gets the ball, which means shooting should be easy. If your players are equipped with catch and shoot, snipers, or available badges, you can complete the task more efficiently.

If you decide to improve your badge from the most basic training, the best way is to use Brickley's gym. This method usually lasts the entire season. You will get three or four times badge points through continuous practice no matter whether you win or lose. As long as the gym is always open to you in the game, this is a great way to get a badge boost in any category. In addition, if you deliberately lose the game, you can continue to repeat them without losing any previously earned XP.

The three simple methods introduced above can effectively improve your shooting badge level. Which form to use depends on your preferences.

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