Did the Warriors lose Game 3 of the Finals because of the referee or their own mistakes?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-06-09 16:28:02
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The G3 game of the NBA Finals has ended. At the Celtics' home court, the Warriors lost the game 100-116. Looking back on this game, many people think that the referee was too partial to the Celtics, but the Warriors themselves did not. A little responsibility?

Troubles for the Warriors in the game
The Celtics' strategy in this game is to single against Curry on the defensive end constantly. Due to the lack of help protection, Curry consumed a lot of physical energy on the defensive end. The Celtics took this opportunity to take the lead in the first quarter. Advantage. On the Warriors side, except for Wiggins and Klay, everyone else's performance was not in shape. Green, one of the team's cores, did not play his due role in the first half, and head coach Kerr did not show it either. He was deciphering the Celtics' tactics against Curry.

Still not enough. Although the Warriors achieved a lead in the third quarter of the game, when Curry took a break, the Celtics regained their rhythm, which also proved the ability of other Warriors players to score independently except Curry. In the fourth quarter of the game, as Green left the court with a foul, the Warriors had lost their inside defense entirely, making the game no suspense.


Did the Warriors lose Game 3 of the Finals because of the referee or their own mistakes?

The referee's penalty scale in the game
It is undeniable that in the G3 game of the finals, the referee's penalty was more inclined to the Celtics. As long as the core players of the Warriors hit the penalty area, there is a high possibility of being punished for an offensive foul. The team has a maximum of 3 fouls, while the Warriors' core players have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6. The confrontation between the two sides is similar, but the deviation of the whistle-blowing scale is too large. With that, the Celtics are confident on offense and defense. On the other hand, the Warriors did not dare to make moves because they were afraid of too many fouls, and they were tied at both ends of the offense and defense.

Championship Weathervane - Mistakes
After the Celtics and Warriors played the first two games of the Finals, as social media heatedly debated what the most critical factor in the series' trend was, some US Basketball stats had an answer. - Mistakes.

In the first game of the finals, the Celtics beat the Warriors by 12 points and made only 12 turnovers; in the second game, the Celtics lost 19 points, and the team made 18 turnovers. In the first half of Game 3, the Celtics still had eight turnovers, but the impact of turnovers was reduced by the outstanding performances of three players, Jaylen Brown, Horford, and Tatum.

And mistakes are also affecting the Warriors. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, and at the critical moment of chasing points, the Warriors made several mistakes, making the game unsuspecting. Green's error ended the wave of offense when they were playing smoothly, allowing the Celtics to seize the opportunity to open the gap to 12 points.

The Celtics had 12 turnovers throughout the game, and the Warriors had 15. In the next fourth game, whoever can effectively reduce the number of turnovers will win the game.

Finally, looking at all the factors of the whole game, it is understandable even if the referee's penalty is slightly skewed. After all, this is the home court of the Celtics. In the first two games at the home court of the Warriors, the Warriors also enjoy a home-field advantage. Case and still lose a game. This is enough to prove that the referee's factor is not the main factor, and the key to the team's victory or defeat is "mistakes."