Celtics and Heat battle fiercely for promotion.

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-05-23 14:51:05
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Since the Celtics won the game at the home of the Heat before, many people thought that the Celtics who played at home could also successfully win G3, but the result was unexpected. The Heat won the game at the home of the Green Army, and the Green Army Lost the game 103:109.

The Heat's desire to win in the away game is powerful. Coupled with the return of Tucker and Lowry, the Heat have a more solid defensive lineup. On the Celtics side, because the defensive core of Lowe was unable to play due to injury. As a result, the defensive end was often broken by the Heat. The Heat was beaten in the first quarter of the game, trailing the Heat by 21 points. The second quarter-point difference continued to expand to 26 points. In the third quarter, without Butler, the two sides were still locked in a tug of war, which was very bad for the Celtics, who were behind.

Although the Green Army launched a crazy counterattack in the fourth quarter, the Heat withstood the attack from the opponent, which made the Celtics more and more anxious. Still, there was nothing to do in the face of this situation, which made people feel Strange; where did the Green Army go last time?


Celtics and Heat battle fiercely for promotion.

Greens' mistakes on the defensive end
The Celtics' performance throughout the first half was puzzling. Due to the absence of defensive core Lowe, Theis did not have the expected effect in the interior. He was slow, could not protect the basket, lacked finishing ability, and was beaten by the Heat. The offensive player is staring at the play. Not only that, during the team's transmission, the Greens made several pass errors, and the Heat seized the opportunity to fight back. Coupled with Tatum's idle state, the Heat's defensive end was strengthened, allowing the Celtics to be present. It's hard to open up.

Although Butler did not have a very superior performance in this game, it did not hinder the performance of other Heat players. It turned out that without Butler present, Adebayor and Lowry could drive the team up until the first In the middle of the second quarter, the Heat increased the difference to 26 points.

Celtic's brief outburst
When the difference between the two teams widened to 26 points, for some unknown reason, perhaps because of the desire to win or not wanting to lose too ugly, Smart and Tatum began to lead the team to the basket, which is The only option when the team has a lousy perimeter feel. Under their leadership, the team seemed to have regained its fighting spirit. The point difference was shrinking at speed visible to the naked eye. In addition, Butler left the court due to injury in the third quarter, which gave the team a glimmer of hope. But unfortunately, Smart and Tatum were injured and fell to the ground one after another in the chaotic fight, but fortunately, they continued to devote themselves to the game without a long rest,

Judging from the situation at the scene, Smart's injury is not apparent. When the team was behind, he only rested for about 4 minutes and insisted on playing and scoring consecutively, reducing the point difference to 10. Score, his steely will moved the fans of the Green Army, and everyone cheered for his score; such a spirit and intention is worth learning.

Although the Celtics still lost the game in the end, the team's will to fight at the last moment is still worthy of respect. The current big score between the two groups is 2:1. The next game will be held at the home of the Heat. If the Celtics cannot adjust their tactics in time, it will be tough to defeat the Heat. What will happen next? Stay tuned to safenbamt.com.