Can Morant be elected MVP after being selected for 2K22's dark matter card?

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2K22 recently released Ja Morant's dark matter player card in the game, with a rating of 99, which is one of many dark matter cards released since the fifth season. 2K rates Morant so highly because of his stellar performance this season. Can such excellent results be elected this season's MVP? This question is still a little far off for Morant now.


Can Morant be elected MVP after being selected for 2K22

Is Morant a good scorer?
As one of the best scorers in the league, 2K gave him a 97 Offense rating. As a dark matter player card, only a 97 Offense rating is far from enough. Curry's Offense score is 99, mainly because Ja Morant's scoring efficiency is not good enough. It is also a PG/SG position.

Because Morant likes to break through with the ball and actively look for physical confrontation, it creates an illusion that he is outstanding in attacking the basket and breaking through. Still, after dribbling the ball to the penalty area, he smashes the ball. The scoring efficiency is not high, only about 50%, which is far worse than Bill's 70% scoring efficiency. While he's scored a staggering amount in the last few games, it's done little to improve his overall scoring efficiency. He ranks seventh in scoring, and plenty of star players are ahead of him.

So, Morant doesn't have a clear advantage in terms of scoring.

Grizzlies results
The Grizzlies are currently No. 2 in the Western Conference, just 0.5 games ahead of the Warriors, and that's because of the Warriors' recent losing streak and the rest of the team's performance in the few games Morant has been sidelined with injury. Very good, it shows that Morant is not the absolute core of the group, and one of the MVP selections is to make his teammates better, but Morant does not do that because his teammates are already excellent.

Combining the above factors, Morant is unlikely to be elected MVP this season unless he can continue such excellent performance to the end, surpass many scoring masters, and become the scoring champion of this season. At the same time, Ast and REB also achieved higher. Data, otherwise it will be challenging to win the competition.

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