Can Jokic's rating rise in NBA 2K22 lead his team to victory over the Warriors?

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The NBA regular season has ended, and 2K has released the final dynamic rating of the season for the first time. Jokic scored 98 OVR for his excellent performance in the game, and Jalen Green and Klay Thompson have also been promoted. In the upcoming playoffs, Jokic will face these two Warriors players directly. Can Jokic lead the team to victory?

Warriors Advantage
1. Everyone knows that the Warriors are a team with many long-range shooters. This is not good news for Jokic, who likes to stay at the rim and defend. The Warriors' 3-point range is extensive, from the corners and the top of the arc and 45-degree corners. As the team's shooters, Curry, Klay, and Poole don't even need the pick-and-roll coordination of their teammates to shoot 3-pointers on their own. So, this is the first unacceptable advantage for the Nuggets.

2. If Jokic leaves the basket to defend the Warriors' shooter, Green and Rooney will have a lot of room to play under the basket, and other teammates will also have open opportunities. If the Nuggets' rotation defense is unsuccessful, players who break through to the inside line. There's a great chance to score on your own or find a 3-point shooter. How Jokic handled the Warriors' pick-and-roll was one of the game's highlights.

3. The Nuggets are the worst team in the league to limit opponents to the basket. Jokic and his teammates are not doing an excellent job of protecting the rim from being impacted. The Warriors can also use this to break through to the basket Score.


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The Nuggets' Advantage
1. The biggest weakness of the Warriors is the center, and Jokic is one of the best centers in the league. It is difficult for the Warriors to limit Jokic's position in the attack. Rooney alone cannot stop Jokic.

2. Jokic's passing ability is potent. It can not only fully attract the attention of the opponent's players but also pass the ball to his teammates in time to score when he is double-teamed. And the Warriors' rotation quality on the defensive end is not ideal.

In addition to the above factors, the state of the Warriors players is also perfect recently, especially Klay Thompson, who has gradually recovered his form in the last few games, plus Curry is likely to return in the first round of the playoffs, The offensive power of the Warriors three guards on the court is imposing. Therefore, there is a high probability that the Warriors will win in the upcoming game between the Nuggets and the Warriors.

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