Which are the Best Sports Games 2021? SafeNBAMT gave Football Manager 2021 the Highest Score

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2021-05-26 09:52:22
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Sports gaming giants are changing their business models almost simultaneously. As a game pass subscriber, you can play FIFA 21 for free from May, and during the week of May 21, NBA 2K21 in the Epic Store is completely free.

A similar thing happened on consoles: EFootball PES 2021 Season Update was included in the Game Pass in January. The advanced baseball simulation MLB The Show 2021 was even available on Xbox in April as part of Microsoft's subscription service.

This is certainly not a coincidence, but there is a system behind it: in sports game types, subscriptions will replace discounts in the second step of the marketing chain after release instead of later. I even think it is unlikely that FIFA or NBA 2K will follow the example of MLB The Show in the future and migrate directly to the subscription service of the release.

This makes perfect sense for manufacturers: through this multi-million dollar transaction, they will recover a large part of the development costs, and now most of the funding comes from the mandatory microtransactions of Ultimate Team & Co.

For us gamers, this is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, patient sports fans can almost rely on the fact that they will get the latest series of products at the latest after six to nine months of subscription. You can even subscribe for free. Toll.

On the other hand, it will shift the focus of manufacturers from innovation to real-time service content. What do you think? I look forward to your comments.

Table of Contents: This is the list of our sports games

NO.10 American Football: Madden NFL 21
Developer: EA Tiburon | Release: August 28, 2020 | Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One


Only 38% of reviews on Steam are positive, but this does not change the fact that Madden NFL 21 continues to provide the best American Football. Therefore, if you want to lead your favorite NFL team to success with a stylish appearance and existing lineup, get more MUT Coins to upgrade more powerful players, then Madden can't go wrong.
However, the Madden 21 Yard is undoubtedly a mixed-race, which is part of the facts. The Yard's most significant innovation is the NFL version of FIFA Volta, which entertains street football in the backyard. It's interesting, but it may not be what most football fans in this country want.
The new story mode Faces of Franchise is disappointingly a little high school soap opera, and trim work has been done on the court itself, not enough to justify the previous owner's new purchase. But: if you are looking for the current football game, you can't ignore Madden even if there is no game.

NO.9 Basketball: NBA 2K21
: Visual Concepts | Release: September 4, 2020 | Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Which are the Best Sports Games 2021? SafeNBAMT gave Football Manager 2021 the Highest Score

For a long time, I have been working hard to include NBA 2K21 on the best PC sports games. In the NBA 2K20 test, we missed 63 points. And the latest version of the 2K basketball simulation will not do better.
Over the years, NBA 2K21 has represented almost everything that went wrong in this genre. We installed the significant fundamental changes to the predecessor on the beer mat. NBA 2K21 MT trading runs through all game modes, so even in career or story mode, you should be tempted again and again to make a little real money jump.
All of this is also so annoying because NBA 2K21 can achieve almost all functions on the field, and in my opinion, it can provide the best simulation of sports in the entire genre. Not only does it look like real basketball, but it also plays like that.
If you like baseball, my advice is: wait until you almost throw NBA 2K21 on you. If you pay attention, you can sell the previous product for less than 15 USD, and you can even get it for free on Epic. Then ignore all the microtransaction nonsense and only play with your favorite team or with your friends for a few seasons.

NO.8 Baseball: Super Super Baseball 3
: Metalhead Software | Release: May 13, 2020, | Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Don't let the cartoons seem to confuse you: Super Mega Baseball 3 is an almost perfect realization of American national sports. Anyone who knows nothing about baseball can get in quickly, and experts even discover nuances even after hundreds of games, such as new field courts or other steal possibilities. Even with the mouse and keyboard, we can control all these operations intuitively as highly precise-in this type, of course, there are no other problems.
The new franchise model ensures long-term motivation, continually exposes you to exciting decisions and exciting things that happen almost every day. However, without a Major League Baseball (MLB) license, you must live with a fantasy team.
If you want to simulate Major League Baseball and prefer coaching rather than swinging, I suggest you participate in Out of the Park Baseball. However, you should know baseball very well before getting involved in this complex monster. In return, you can get an excellent management game that can easily compete with Football Manager in terms of simulation depth.

NO.7 Golf: PGA Tour 2K21
: HB Studios | Release: August 21, 2020 | Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Oops, the new golf simulation series? Not very accurate because PGA Tour 2K21 is the successor to the 2019 Golf Club-the series will only continue under the new name.
You can tell from a positive perspective that the game developer HB Studios has been developing this series of games since 2014. The physics of the ball is always convincing, with almost everything you can experience on an actual golf course.
Thirty-nine golf courses were faithfully rebuilt, 15 of which were part of the PGA Tour. Thanks to the included editor, there is no problem with replenishment. In addition, the official and eponymous PGA licenses are a bit weak on the chest. Only twelve male professional players have found their way into the game, and the LPGA players have to stay entirely outside.
Even if you have a career, there will be many activities, not just canceling matches and unlocking new devices. Even when microtransactions are implemented more cautiously than NBA 2K21, microtransactions do not need to be conducted in this mode, and you can easily celebrate success without real money. From a purely exciting point of view, PGA Tour 2K21 is convincing and is the best implementation of golf at present.

NO.6 Cycling: Pro Cycling Manager 2020
: Cyanide | Release: June 4, 2020, | Platform: PC

Professional bicycle managers have been around since 2001, and there are good reasons why the cyanide sports management product line will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year. As a manager and team owner, you need to build a team as strong as possible, negotiate with sponsors, and, newly established this year-take care of the drivers' morale.
In the 3D stage, you can control your team like in a real-time strategy game, and depending on the racing situation, you can order to slow down, try to break through, or sprint-always focus on the endurance of your driver.
Like sports games updated every year, you won't miss too much if you miss a season. This year, developers are mainly focused on career models. On the one hand, the ethics mentioned above and motivations are integrated, and on the other hand, through slight adjustment of menus and other AI aids. In addition, all 21 stages of this year's Tour de France have been licensed. Anyone who knows nothing about cycling will find the best implementation in Pro Cycling Manager 2020, a surprisingly deep strategy game.

NO.5 AO Tennis 2-Rating: 77
: Big Ant Studio | Release: January 9, 2020, | Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

In addition to all these football games, other sports are prevalent among our top 5. What's even more gratifying is that with AO Tennis 2, tennis simulation has appeared in our list of best sports. The official game of the Australian Open provides all aspects of the life of tennis professionals. Not only does it bring us to a court armed with rackets, but we also have to manage our entire career by ourselves.
Therefore, if we don't shake the ace from the wrist, topspin, and cut the ball once or twice, we must hire a nutritionist and physical therapist or hold a press conference. These role-playing elements have generally performed poorly in their careers, but in short, there is currently no better game for tennis fans on the PC.

NO.4 FIFA 21-Score: 80
Developer: EA Sports | Release: September 10, 2020, | Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

FIFA 21 is an advanced and extensive football simulation through which you can easily enjoy hundreds of hours of entertainment. And, if you cherish the latest team lineup and players who are faithful to the original, you will find the thickest license pack in the category to date. Fact.
But this is also the fact that FIFA has not stagnated for a long time. Visually, FIFA 21 is like an egg, similar to each other, and there are few changes in the game, although it is an essential change for series veterans. The overwhelming shooting percentage has been reduced, the side strength has been increased, and through creative running, you can now control the pass recipient more directly. Career mode also has some functional improvements. For example, you can now teach players new positions.
Does it sound like details and sidenotes? They too. In the story promotion activities, FIFA 21 even reduced a lot. About two hours later, you can see the ending sequence here. Of course, the suspicious Pay2Win mechanism in the ultimate team transaction card mode also reappeared in the game, which prefers players willing to pay, so FIFA 21 has devalued by 5 points.
Yes, if you want to use the current license, you cannot ignore FIFA 21 this year. However, if you stay on FIFA 20, you will not miss more than this. Moreover, if you value reality in a football simulation, we think that competitor eFootball PES is still a better choice.

NO.3 eFootball PES 2020- Rating: 82
: Konami Digital Entertainment | Release: September 10, 2019 | Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Don't be surprised by this name: Pro Evolution Soccer is called eFootball PES 2020 for the first time in its current version. Otherwise, everything remains the same. Konami's FIFA rivals have won the football matchup again this year in ball physics and realistic games, but with Pro Evo, you have to survive with fewer original licenses and real teams.
In addition to the new name, there is still a lack of significant innovations in the game mode this year. We must also carefully observe the stadium to understand the improvements. However, if you want to play football most realistically, then Pro Evo is your ideal choice.
And there is another trap: Parallel to FIFA and the related Ultimate Team, there is a trading card model MyClub in eFootball PES 2020. Due to Pay2Win, our test has devalued by 5 points.

NO.2 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2-Rating: 83
: Alternative Vision | Release: September 4, 2020 | Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Some principles of the game will not get old. So it's no surprise that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 is still so interesting 20 years after the original version was released.
The remake really can't be much better than Vicarious Visions. You will get great things at that time, especially the clever level design and almost perfect playability. You can feel that in legendary skate parks, such as hangars, downhill jams, or bullrings, every run gets better.
They improved what must be improved. The skill system of the third Tony Hawk game has been used, which allows you to use a longer combo time. Thanks to Unreal Engine, the skaters and levels have been entirely new.
However, elsewhere, you can see that the game has essentially been around for 20 years. These levels have been carefully designed but are small by today's standards. After about 5 hours, you have seen all the content that the game must provide. After that, all that remains is to find a better high score. But those who are willing to accept it will have dozens of hours of fun in the comeback of old and new skateboarding kings.

NO.1 Football Manager 2021-Rating: 86
Developer: Sports Interactive | Release: 24. November 2021 | Platforms: PC, Stadia, Nintendo Switch

In all things, the most touted innovation of Football Manager 2021 just convinced us. Because the wholly revised communication, including press conferences, and even chats with players' mobile phones, has a perfect atmosphere, but it will hardly affect the success or failure of your union as a coach and manager.
More importantly, in the twelve menus of this complex monster, how do you form a team, conduct training, and most importantly, adapt to your opponent tactically. The results are displayed in 2D or 3D real-time calculations of football matches. You can find the main reason why we gave 2021 "Football Manager" two points higher than the previous year.
Because the developers have significantly improved their match engine and added new actions, the counterattack is no longer strong. There is a realistic chance of success with long-range shooting, and there are almost no meaningless pass combinations. In short: if you like manager games and don't avoid training, then you can expect hundreds of hours of football excitement with your favorite club.