What is supporting you to continue to buy NBA 2K21?

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The evaluation of NBA 2K21 seems to be worse than that of NBA 2K20, which can almost be described as a wave of bad reviews. Although this basketball game is released on time every year like a clock, it is indeed, as other players have said, that one generation is not as good as one. The developer 2K seems to have devoted most of its energy to the production of next-generation console games. It appears that as long as it merely creates a featureless sequel based on the existing foundation for the current era.

After experiencing NBA 2K21, two things are clear: the game does add some new content, but some feel not fresh enough, and some even make the entire game experience worse.

Let me talk about the positive aspects first. New features include dribbling and movement systems, changing the shooting mechanism, and the content of MyTeam and MyCareer. Simultaneously, the new block of NBA 2K21 is newly added to the beach court, presenting a unique visual and screen layout.

The expert rocker has also changed a lot. You can only shoot or layup by pushing it down, and all other directions have become dribbling movements. Besides, every player with a dribble bag will have an exclusive signature fancy dribble action. Players can control the basket better than ever.

If you control a star with excellent dribbling data and the right expert remote dribbling skills, few people on the court can stop you. Of course, and vice versa. Now it is challenging to defend the opponent's offense. The opponent players can often quickly rush to the basket.


What is supporting you to continue to buy NBA 2K21?

In this game, players can choose between two shooting methods. The first is to change the shooting after the shot bar in the previous game is full to a shot after finding the shooting point; the second is the most controversial rocker shooting system, the player You need to push the joystick down before shooting, and at the same time fine-tune left and right to complete the shooting action. This operation makes accurate shooting very difficult, and the posture is very uncomfortable. If there is a slight deviation when adjusting left and right, it will become three non-stick.

Grasping the layup's timing has also become an excruciating thing because different layup methods need to control the ball at other times, and it is not as easy to produce rhythm as a jumper. The result of all this is wrong layup time and jump shot time. At the beginning of "2K21", shooting three-pointers with remote sensing was an extravagant hope. Do you dare to imagine that Curry's open three-pointers hit single digits?

In theory, some other changes in the overall game are justified. Smaller and thinner athletes run faster and feel more fluid, and this is true. But when grabbing positions, he still thinks that his players are sluggish, like being fascinated by the opposing players, unlike Stephen Curry himself. The latter can directly pass the defender when receiving and shooting open.

MyPlayer / MyCareer may be the most enjoyable mode in NBA 2K21. Start with a low-level player, train them into NBA superstars, and write your path to success. The protagonist of this MC mode still starts in high school. After going through the high school story and college drafts, he enters the NBA league.

To give players a sense of substitution, MC mode also has many options for players to actively choose, such as whether they want to play with injuries when the score is behind. Besides, you can also select an agent, which team to train with, etc.

As for the cutscenes, the old players may be tasteless, but the new players will love the narrative style of the American drama. In general, the part before entering the NBA is still impressive, but once you start with the NBA part, it will be a bit procrastinated.

MyPlayer still contains many player quality options that players can customize. The problem is that it takes a long time for players to see this potential. I started as a "three-point killer" with overall shooting ability and a layup speed of over 80, but when selected, the overall shooting percentage was less than 50. Being established late and becoming a star over time without hurries, this process seems more meaningful. But no NBA manager is willing to choose a 50-year-old player with a high shooting percentage.

In NBA 2K21, there are still many things to do. Some people will be attracted to MyLeague and conduct large-scale team building in online competition; some people will fight alone in MyCareer and slowly build an NBA legend. Others will go to the beach to look for Kobe's Easter eggs...Although there are many new things, many people still think that NBA 2K21 is a copy and paste of previous years' games. Yes, once players dig deeper, they know that additional content like the beach is no different from the old community before.

Other changes, such as shooting mechanics, are clearly moving in the wrong direction. In general, NBA 2K21 feels a bit off track, there is really no place that Shenma recommends. But given the current vacancy of basketball games on the PC market, it is really not a particularly bad game.

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