Top 10 NBA 2K21 Tips, Let you win the match easily

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2020-09-29 13:15:08
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If you use one word to summarize NBA 2K21, which corresponds to last year's installment, it is likely to be "mature." The new game can undoubtedly be seen as a more difficult upgrade. It is no longer necessary to easily attract past defenders through simple crossovers in each game, nor to fast break after an easy fast break. Patience is never a virtue, especially when you have the ball.

But don't worry, this certainly won't cause panic. If so, by mastering 2K21, you may become more comprehensive. Of course, it's more like real basketball, as anyone brought to the court will know, it's not the easiest sport to master. This is a game that progresses at an incredible rate of change, so it is important to recognize this in 2K21.

With this in mind, here are ten winning secrets that will allow you to drain the bucket immediately. We also focus on defenses, coaching strategies, and the best way to maximize your avatar in MyPlayer mode. Get on track, fasten Jordan shoes, and prepare to dominate your friends and online opponents.


Top 10 NBA 2K21 Tips, Let you win the match easily

10. Take time to attack
As mentioned in the introduction, patience is essential when breaking the opposition in NBA 2K21. Don't make unnecessary steal attempts on defense, especially on more difficult settings, and don't try to drive directly to the basket in the first few seconds of the shot.
Instead, you must master the basics of dribbling and fast passing so that you can effectively move the ball on the court and keep the defense always out of balance. Also, be careful to switch offensive strategies; don't just rely on three-pointers, move the ball back, drive the ball, or play long distances-otherwise you will be spotted soon.

9. Utilise Triple Threat Move

It can be tempting to give up the right analog sticks recklessly, bringing your players (and hopefully the defenders) into random convulsions as you try to find a way to the basket. Instead, understand the importance of triple threat actions.
Basketball players and fans will be familiar with the "triple threat" position, but for novices, it refers to the state of the ball before starting to dribble. You can pass, shoot or dribble-three very different actions, so it is an expression of "triple threat".
2K21 includes a unique triple-threat dribble action, which is likely to cause your defender to lose balance, allowing the court to make kick-off, pass, or undisputed jumper.

8. Rotate after mastering
After sports, it can be regarded as NBA 2K, which is equivalent to FIFA's speed statistics; their effectiveness varies from game to game, but 2K seems to have reached a pretty good balance. This is not an overwhelming game, but a smart, deceptive low game that rewards.
Back rotation (or "elbow rotation") is considered the most effective back movement this year and is undoubtedly an essential tool for any player worthy of their salt. Of course, it's best to leave it to centers and power forwards-or influential players in other positions, such as LeBron James-not, to use it too often, or your opponent will quickly figure this out and bring A double team.
However, in the right hand, spinning back can be a devastating weapon.

7. Play the game!
Don't compete fairly from time to time. Yes, we often play basketball games to get rid of the rehearsal tactics and flexible strategies in actual sports-sometimes. It is better to raise a three-pointer and throw a thunderous slam dunk-but they participate in the game for a reason.
Using the buttons on your shoulders, you will be able to progress through various matches at the beginning of the attack. It's best to wait until the ball reaches your point guard or a player of acceptable passing level, but if you can't solve the problem the first time, don't panic. Through careful clock management, two or three opportunities can be created within these 24 seconds. Don't be afraid to confuse things.
On the other hand, don't feel constrained by the gameplay of every item you own. Taking the right timing and execution measures will soon lead to disastrous consequences. Sometimes it is a good thing for a man to isolate and control himself one-on-one (especially holding the ball on a scoring machine such as Steph Curry, James Harden, or Carmelo Anthony).

6. Start with an expert
In the "My Player" mode, specials are a thing of the day. Don't try to spread the attributes too finely, and focus on the prototype chosen at the beginning of creating the kit will naturally promote the category.
Once you have established a solid foundation and hope to become an important role player in your team in the process, you will be able to develop a more flexible all-round game. However, doing this too early in your playing career is a recipe for disaster. At least in NBA 2K21, it's better to be the master of trade than the stereotype.

5. Choose the right shot
Another technique is based on MyPlayer, which targets explicitly jump shots. It is essential to choose a suitable shooting style; if your natural rhythm is a little slower, it is not acceptable to be stuck in Steph Curry's lightning release.
Before choosing, please take some time to determine which speed is best for you. There are many choices in this aspect of the game. This is an important enough aspect of 2K21 that can take a lot of time.
Extra tip: Please use the analog joystick when shooting, not the designated "shoot" button. It is much easier to find the natural rhythm in this way.

4. Know your team
When it comes to shooting, it's important to realize (especially in MyTeam and MyCareer modes) that every player in your class can be very different not only in position, but also in strengths, weaknesses, pace, shooting abilities, and Defense.

Over time, this should develop naturally, but pay close attention to the quirks of each member of the team. Take the current league champion Cleveland Cavaliers as an example. Please note that even though Kevin Love is a big man by nature, he makes a high percentage of three-pointers. Kyrie Irving may be a point guard, but passing the ball too much to you will put you at danger-he is an offensive demon. Finally, don't worry about conflicts with JR Smith under any circumstances.
Of course, this is a technique that can make you understand the real NBA better, but you can also learn it in time.

3. Use elite defenders wisely
When encountering high-scoring teams such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, etc. The right choice is to transfer the best defenders to them through coaching settings-especially if you Have an elite guard.
In terms of national Defense, there are not many new techniques. The technique of stopping other teams is similar to the previous installment. When trying to steal the ball, don't be too eager for success, learn to fight to maximize defensive rebounds, and maintain the right balance between being away from the opponent and tight.

2. Be A Little Sneaky
A particular flaw in NBA 2K21 is the emphasis on bad free throwers. Although it is not advisable to use tactics too frequently (otherwise, you will soon be in trouble for personal and team fouls), it is not unwise to play with the notorious charity shooter.
Yes, "Hack a Shaq" is generally not accepted, but there is a reason that the team still uses it from time to time. Sometimes, this is the only way to slow down the central offensive unit's movement speed, and it can also be used to prevent some shooters from shooting several hit targets in a row and accumulating a clue.

1. Show off!
So far, all our techniques have been pretty severe and result-based, but the ultimate goal of NBA 2K21 is to have fun, so why not end with a little lighter. Just like in real life, virtual NBA players should be allowed to put a little bit. -2K includes many Showboating options that are used within a reasonable range.
Double-tap the circle (B on Xbox), or double-tap the triangle (or Y) to throw a delicious alley, then hold down R2 (RT) while keeping the right stick away from the basket to move the player Push into a gorgeous slam dunk. Whenever you complete one of the operations, don't forget to remind your friends. Remember, the instant replay function is available in the pause menu.