Stephen Curry joined the Spotlight Challenge in NBA 2K22

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2021-12-16 10:48:16
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2K has recently added a lot of activities to the game to make it easier for players to get rewards. Recently, 2K added Stephen Curry to the Spotlight Challenge. Win the challenge, and you will get rich tips.

Under normal circumstances, players who complete the Spotlight challenge can get rewards such as badge packs or shoe color matching. Meeting the Stephen Curry challenge will receive special bonuses, including the sharpshooter pack, making your long-range shots more accurate.

Stephen Curry's Spotlight Challenge consists of five separate tasks, and players must complete these tasks in order. These tasks represent different moments in Curry's career.


Stephen Curry joined the Spotlight Challenge in NBA 2K22

Each of these missions has different requirements and difficulties and can occur in different game modes. Some tasks are simple, but some may require extra effort to complete. It is recommended that players create a separate team for this challenge to maximize the success rate.

Task List:
Warriors vs. Cavaliers-Difficulty (Pro)-Triple Threat (Win the game)
First Unanimous MVP-Difficulty (Pro)-Win the game (Score 10 points with a player)
13 Threes in a Game-Difficulty (Pro)-Win the game (Make 13 threes as a team)
Career High-Difficulty (Pro)-Win the game (Score 62 points as a team)
73-9 Warriors-Difficulty (All-Star)-Win the game

There is only one mission in Triple Threat, and the rest of you will use your regular lineup within five minutes. These missions are not necessarily complicated. Complete tasks can get a lot of rewards and XP so that the team's strength can be improved again...

Rewards after completing each task:
Warriors vs. Cavaliers (Completed)-Sharpshooter Badge Pack
First Unanimous MVP (Completed)-Diamond Under Armour Shoe Colorway Pack
13 Threes in a game (Completed)-Sharpshooter Award Pack
Career-High (Completed)-Diamond 3 Point Boost Pack
73-9 Warriors (Completed)-Hall of Fame Chef Badge Pack

The Hall of Fame badge pack is the best of all rewards, but each of these rewards will bring different value to your team.