Some overrated badges in NBA 2K22

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NBA 2K22 has entered the third season. After some system updates, players have begun to redesign their badges according to the changes in the rules. Some badges are losing their original status, and some do not reflect the response. Some value, they are overvalued badges.

The so-called overvalued badge refers to a badge that has been weakened or has a better badge as a substitute. But if you like this badge very much, and at the same time it is very suitable for your build, then this is also very good, some badges are only ideal for certain styles of competition.

Green Machine - Shooting Badge
There are many shooting badges in the game, and players are excited about using Green Machine at first because it is activated very early. However, the situation slowly changed. Activation is now unpredictable, and the improvement seems to be much less than before. 2 K Labs have not reviewed it, but we found that even without the badge, you can appear green more often.

Unstrippable - Finishing Badge
The finished badge in NBA 2K22 is excellent this year, and there are many to choose from. We say that Unstrippable is overrated because this year's block poses a more significant threat to posters.

Test after 100 layups:

It can be seen from the test that even with a Hall of Fame badge, there is a more than 50% chance of being deprived.

Giant Slayer - Finishing Badge
This badge is overrated. Mainly because you need to be short enough to activate its full potential, assuming you are 6'0", Giant Slayer will only be started for players 6'4" and above, but you will have better badges to deal with this time. Only by becoming a 5'10" point guard can you use the full potential of the badge. But if you have this height, you will insist on shooting three-pointers during the game.

Defensive Leader-Defense & Rebounding Badge
Some badges don't have much practical use in the game, and many great defensive badges can replace them, so you don't need this. You will provide defensive attributes for other players, but not yourself. It may be helpful if you play Pro-Am, but the improvement effect is not ideal.

Mouse in the House - Finishing Badge
This is the opposite of Giant Slayer above. This is an excellent badge if you find yourself constantly fighting against smaller players. This does not often happen in The City or Cancha Del Mar.

Requirements to activate the badge:
1. A 6'10 or higher player must be 3 inches taller than the defending player.
2. If you are under 6'10, you must be 4 inches taller than your opponent.
3. Although 6'11 is 3 inches taller than 6'8, the badge will not be activated. This is the only exception.

These requirements are meaningless. If your opponent is younger than you, you should be able to make them back down.

Controversial layup test:

Test results show that scoring a layup against a minor player is possible even without this badge.

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