Seriously-playing Wiggins gives Warriors championship hope

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In the Warriors' first game against the Mavericks for the Western Conference championship, Wiggins' performance surprised the Warriors. Before the primary scorer's touch was warm, he could take the lead in scoring for the team, making people feel very different from the previous Wiggins.

Wiggins' MVP-level performance in the game
If you want to choose the best player of the game, it must be Wiggins, who has excellent offensive and defensive performance. Although he only scored 19 points in the whole game, Wiggins scored 15 points in the first half and defended closely. Doncic, Wiggins gave up most of the ball decisively after his teammates' shooting improved in the second half and concentrated on defense, which is why he scored very few points in the second half.


Wiggins scored 19 points, five rebounds, and three assists in this game, with a net rating of +28, the highest. Doncic's scoring was mainly concentrated in the early part of the first quarter and the end of the second quarter, while Wiggins's score was also mainly in the upper Halftime; After all the Warriors' scorers returned in the second half, Wiggins' task was only to defend, which directly caused Doncic's score to plummet, as if he couldn't feel his presence, and only scored 2 points in the second half.

In the face of Wiggins, Doncic made a mistake when he broke through, the pass was stolen, and the storm couldn't get past Wiggins. The Dallas Mavericks's coaches praised Wiggins's performance in defending Doncic in the game. In defense of Doncic, Wiggins did not fall behind from confrontation to speed, from strength to technical details, reflecting that Wiggins' basketball talent is top-notch in all aspects. Facing the tough defense of Wiggins, Doncic has nothing to do.

In the previous regular season, Wiggins' performance was mediocre. He often showed no offensive desire, which made the media and fans think he did not deserve such a high salary. Still, since the Warriors entered the playoffs, Wiggins has become more challenging and tougher on offense and defense, and his performance made people feel that he didn't take the game seriously before. He didn't take it seriously until the team began to compete for the championship.

Although the Warriors defeated the Mavericks in the first game, this is just the beginning. The Mavericks are a team with a history of reversing the score. What methods will the Mavericks use to crack the Warriors' defense in subsequent games? Stay tuned to

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