Paul's departure leaves the Suns in a tug of war

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-05-09 14:12:26
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The Suns have been splendid in the regular season, entering the playoffs first. Still, unexpectedly, the Suns appeared to struggle in the playoffs, and In the Lone Ranger series, he was gradually dragged into the quagmire of tug-of-war.

In the just-concluded division semifinals, the Mavericks defeated the Suns 111:101 at home, rewriting the total score to 2:2, making the game fall into layers of fog. Who will win in the end? All this will become suspense.



The turning point of the Mavericks' victory
The game's turning point started when Paul left the court with a foul. Since then, the Suns have been in a situation where they have not moved and been beaten. Although other players have also performed very hard, they are still no match for the Lone Ranger. This shows that Paul plays a vital role in the Suns. Sex, and without him on the floor, the Suns' offense and the defense lost their soul.

Condition. Due to the fierce confrontation in the playoffs, some fans believed that the referee deliberately targeted Paul. However, the referee's statement after the game found that every foul and penalty against Paul had sufficient reasons and basis, and there was no unfair judgment. Judging from the slow-motion replay of the match, Paul did have a lot of unnecessary actions during the game, including deliberately blocking the defensive player's return line when attacking. Still, from the interview with Paul after the match, He didn't seem to realize his mistake.

It can be seen from the game replay that Paul's six fouls are real. Although some fouls are very subtle, the referee still discovered them. Paul is an excellent and respectable player, but it does not mean that the referee will tolerate him. In the fierce playoff competition, all actions that the referee will not punish in the regular season will be unlimited here. Amplification, if you want to defeat the Lone Ranger in the next game, Paul needs to restrain some unnecessary moves properly. Without Paul's sun, it is impossible to defeat Doncic.

Finally, I have to say that Doncic in the Lone Ranger is also an outstanding player. The Suns lost this game because the Lone Rangers found a way to target the Suns through previous games. , coupled with the departure of the Sun's defensive core Paul, made the Suns unable to effectively limit Doncic, giving him many opportunities to drive teammates to score.