New players in NBA 2K22 is the latest release, Iced Out 2 Packs

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-01-10 11:11:17
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The Iced Out season has come to an end. NBA 2K22 released the new Iced Out 2 Packs during this period. Gamers have less than a week to obtain various rewards and prizes.

In the newly released Iced Out 2 Packs, players will not only get an upgraded version of Chris Bosh, but also some other players will distribute it together.

Who are the players in Iced Out 2 Packs?
Nine players arrived in the NBA 2K22 MyTeam Iced Out 2 pack with new cards. Former NBA champion Chris Bosh won a Galaxy Opal project with a 97 OVR rating.

Bosh's Galaxy Opal card has 99 offense and 94 defense, including 94 mid-range shooting, 93 endurance, 90 interior defense, 92 low post moves, and 92 rebounding attributes. There are also 29 gold badges and 14 HOF badges, in addition to Dream Shake, Deadeye, and Rim Protector.






96 OVR Terry Dischinger and Cryogensis Bradley Beal joined Iced Out 2 Packs. Mike Miller is another frozen card.

Iced Out 2 Packs player roster:
Chris Bosh (PF/C) Raptors ?C 97 OVR Galaxy Opal
Terry Dischinger (SF/SG) Wizards ?C 96 OVR Pink Diamond
Bradley Beal (SG/SF) Wizards ?C 96 OVR Pink Diamond Cryogenesis
Mike Miller (SF/SG) Grizzlies ?C 94 OVR Diamond Cryogenesis
Victor Oladipo (SG/SF) Pacers ?C 94 OVR Diamond
Darius Garland (PG/SG) Cavs ?C 91 OVR Amethyst
Dion Waiters (SG/PG) Cavs ?C 91 OVR Amethyst
Shannon Brown (SG/SF) Cavs ?C 89 OVR Ruby
Bol Bol (PF/C) Nuggets ?C 89 OVR Ruby


The package price is 9,375 virtual currency or 13,125 NBA 2K22 MT. There are also ten packs of 84,375 VC and 21 boxes of 187,500 VC. In addition, there are many players in the auction house selling the player above cards. If you are lucky, you can meet cheap players.