NBA 2K24 will streamline MyCareer and drop new features on PC

Game: NBA 2K24
Time: 2023-07-29 17:19:20
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The release of NBA 2K24 has been put on the agenda. In the new version, 2K will optimize and adjust some modes in the game, the most notable of which is the MyCareer mode.


The previous MyCareer mode put players in the role of rookies and tracked a player's career from draft to retirement. In such a long time span, players will experience many things outside of basketball, such as music, fashion, and non-sports-related industries such as stores. This undoubtedly makes players consume too much energy outside of basketball, unable to put all their attention on the game. Given this situation, 2K intends to make some necessary streamlining of the MyCareer mode in the upcoming release of 2K24.



Can the streamlined MyCareer still attract players?
For those casual gamers, this may be a lot less fun; without music, fashion may feel boring to them. But that's exactly what 2K wants, to refocus players on basketball. But for most players, a streamlined version of MyCareer might be more fun. You create a player yourself and make it similar to your build, add him to free agency, sign him, and choose to have a player lock on your player. There isn't any story mode, but at least you can play with players from whatever era you want. Made an MP&Shaq Dynasty, you can also play against Jordan Bulls, Shaq, and Kobe, and even use Myplayer to compete with Bird or Magic, which will make MyCareer mode more interesting in basketball.


The goal of NBA 2K24 is to make the experience centered only on basketball. The specific content has not yet been figured out what this means, but for many players who love basketball, it is a change worth looking forward to. This could mean multiple new storylines in the game that focus more on actual movement. Maybe that means a deeper pre-draft process. Perhaps the rivalry and secret agent meeting will expand further. Or maybe even reduce the storyline to improve the gameplay.


Essentially, NBA 2K24 is a basketball game, and basketball should come first as players experience their careers.


NBA 2K24 will drop new features on PC
With the gradual exposure of some details of 2K24, some new functions are gradually presented to the public. Among them, some new functions such as ProPLAY and cross-platform games will not appear on PC. They are exclusive to PS5 and XBOX|S.


ProPLAY is a new innovative technology that revolutionizes the gaming experience by seamlessly converting real NBA footage into gameplay. This breakthrough feature brings authentic animation and action on the court directly to PS5 and XBOX|S, bringing players an unrivaled sense of realism.


PC gamers are once again stuck with last-gen features. While PC gamers will be able to play the new Mamba Hours, for many gamers with powerful gear, it's disappointing to be messing around with the previous generation again.


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