Changes made in NBA 2K24 and new features coming soon

Game: NBA 2K24
Time: 2023-08-01 09:44:13
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NBA 2K24 will meet with players in early September. In this upcoming version, 2K has added new changes to it, including gameplay enhancements and some mall items.


Wide variety of shoes and clothing
Players are full of anticipation for items in 2K24, and MSCF Boots with Low Dirk is one of them, While the exact details of this clothing item remain a mystery, there's speculation that these boots might make their way into the game. Given the trend of popular items being incorporated into NBA 2K, fans are eagerly awaiting the potential addition of these boots. Players who like MyTEAM mode must have a sufficient understanding of Shoe Boosts for All Players.



Given the high price of sneakers in the game, some players are hesitant about whether to invest a lot of NBA 2K MT. In addition to sneakers, NBA 2K24 also provides more casual and fashionable clothing options. Even though many players are keen on oversized jerseys, there are still some players who like to display more youthful clothing on the court. It would be nice to be able to layer clothes. Players can put a shirt and a jacket on it, and they can also put the shirt into the shorts, especially NBA jerseys.


More types of vehicles and new characters
The current vehicles in the game have been criticized by players for their lack of realism, which indicated that 2K's development team needed to completely redesign the physical appearance of the game's vehicles. In this regard, 2K said that more types of vehicles will be introduced in 2K24, which will significantly enhance the game experience. Additionally, the possibility of parkour and flying abilities has been suggested, adding another layer of excitement to the game. It would be great if some car parks could be built near the stadium.



2K revealed a character named SGA in the trailer, sparking speculation about his role in the game. Will he be a main antagonist or a valuable teammate in story mode? Given SGA's impressive skill set, his appearance in NBA 2K24 was highly anticipated.


Cross-platform matches and online tournaments
The cross-platform competition allows players from different consoles to compete or collaborate with each other, players are not against this kind of exchange, so it will continue in 2K24. In addition, 2K24 also introduces the concept of online tournaments, especially the new tournament mode in Park, which is a new challenge for players who like Park mode.


2K24 update key dates
August 14th: Gameplay released via Pro Play. Players are keen to learn more about the capabilities of Immuno Pro Play.
August 21: NBA Summer Update.
August 28: Showcasing the new look of the 2K24 city.
September 4: The new NBA 2K24 season begins.