NBA 2K24 guide: Better use of the right stick for steal defense

Game: NBA 2K24
Time: 2023-10-10 02:26:05
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For PS and XBOX players, learning to use the right joystick to defend efficiently during the game is one of the keys to winning. It can not only steal but can also be combined with other handle buttons to form new defensive functions. These operations have a certain complexity, and the specific operation methods will be explained in detail in the following article.


Right stick defensive advantage in 2K24

Using the right stick to defend during the game is not new to the 2K series of games. It has been used in previous 2K series games, but in 2K24, this operation has undergone some changes. It can optimize the player's defense and improve the advantages of some badges, as some badges corresponding to the right stick have been added in 2K24 and can be used with the Glove and Clip badges. Compared with the Square or X button, using the right stick can activate more badges, effectively improving defensive efficiency.



The difference between right stick defense and triangle/Y

While the triangle or Y button can still be used for counter-shots, there are better choices than this one. Using Triangle/Y increases the chance of a defensive foul since it primarily blocks the button. In contrast, the right stick triggers a true play animation, which allows for blocking without leaving the ground, which is especially useful for players who like to trick defenders into using fake moves.


Badge associated with the right stick  
Using the right stick for defense is recommended because of the Right Stick Ripper badge added to the game.


Right Stick Ripper Badge

Defensive Rebound0 or 70859399


The Right Stick Ripper badge enhances stealing attempts using the right stick. While you can still steal using X or Square, this badge is activated using the right stick, giving an extra advantage.



Use the right stick correctly to defend

The speed and direction of the right stick that the player controls during the game, combined with the distance from the opposing player, determines the type of game animation the player will trigger. A successful steal attempt occurs when the basketball is exposed directly in front of the defender. Excessive contact with the offensive player's body will greatly increase the probability of fouling. A successful steal requires knowing the best time window, which includes factors such as the offensive player's dribbling level and specific animations.


The angle and timing of the tackle are crucial. When the offensive player changes hands and dribbles to prepare for a breakthrough, the Glove and Right Stick Ripper badges can be activated now, and the probability of a successful steal is high. Even if the opponent has the Unpluckable badge, the basketball will be directly exposed to the defensive player when he chooses to change hands and dribble to break through. At this time, the defensive player can fully use this best-steal opportunity.


You would still need to flick the RS when the basketball changes hands, gathered for a layup, or when the ball is directly in front of you.


Does the right stick give you a boost to layups versus X/square?  
Turning layup timing and having pro touch badge and turning the meter off does


Effective tackling practice

Although the above content introduces detailed steal methods, it does not mean you can master them skillfully. The best way to hone your steal skills is on the Hall of Fame difficulty blacktop and through MyCareer drills. This lets you get a feel for the tackling experience and optimize your timing during contact.


Handle setup requirements

If you want to use the right stick better to defend, you need to make some optimization settings for the right stick in the controller. If you're having trouble figuring out how to slide with the right hand, adjust your controller flick settings from "Absolute" to "Camera Relative." This ensures that a to the right will swipe with the right hand and vice versa.


Other functions of the right joystick

The right stick isn't limited to defensive tackles, as enhanced shooting match animations are also incorporated into this operation. In addition, it can effectively contain offensive players, raise the right stick, and use the left stick to maneuver the defender. This approach is especially useful for players who are reluctant to take jump shots or lure defenders into aggressive blocks and then drive past them.


Detailed video tutorial  


Mastering the right stick defensive animation in NBA 2K24 can significantly enhance your gameplay. You can optimize your defensive abilities by understanding the system's nuances and practicing regularly. Practice and understanding the game mechanics are the keys to success.