NBA 2K24 explores perimeter defense and gameplay

Game: NBA 2K24
Time: 2023-09-21 09:35:39
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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to NBA 2K24, where we'll explore the intricacies of perimeter defense and uncover the secrets of the game that top players use to dominate the court.


The impact of perimeter defensive rating on players

A higher perimeter defense rating makes it harder for opponents to break through you, while also being less susceptible to ankle-breaking or stun animations. Testing between 99 and 25 ratings showed a clear difference in the frequency of stun animations.


Per.Defense Stun Frequency 


From the above data comparison, we can clearly see the difference between the two. A 99-rated perimeter defense requires more NBA 2K24 VC.


A higher perimeter defensive rating allows players to challenge jumpers more effectively, and the difference between 25 points and 99 points can significantly impact a shooter's coverage.


Per.Defense Jumpshot Contest 


After understanding the impact perimeter defense has on players, the next step is to create different builds based on a player's size. For big men, the benefit of increased perimeter defense is minimal and probably not worth allocating too much Buy NBA 2K24 MT to this statistic. But for defenders, it should be prioritized to maximize their defensive capabilities. The more a player invests in this statistic, the more it benefits. Therefore, guards should prioritize maximizing their perimeter defensive rating.


Jump Shots and Lethal Zones

If you want to win on the court, it is not enough to just rely on perimeter defense. You also need to make contributions on the offensive end. Excellent jump shots combined with Lethal Zones are the most effective means of scoring. You need to choose the best Base and match it with an excellent release to ensure your shots are accurate and effective. And Lethal Zones are more important than you think. They will give you a 9% improvement. Even if your shot is off by just a few milliseconds, having Lethal Zones can significantly improve your shooting efficiency.


Speed levels and lateral movement

This year's NBA 2K24 has made some adjustments to the correlation between player attributes. Unlike previous versions, perimeter defense no longer affects lateral movement. The speed level now controls lateral movement, and the speed level will affect the player's performance in the game. At the same speed, players with different sports styles will have different times to reach the free throw line.


The speed increase in NBA 2K24 is slightly different. For small guards, Kyrie's dribbling style is recommended, but they need a ball-handling speed of 90. For bigger players, using Jah Marant will help. After making any move, hold down Turbo and flick the right stick diagonally up or left to speed up and get rid of hesitation.


Don’t be surprised if you see a dribbling style on the court that you can’t copy. That’s because the opponent has unlocked certain dribbling styles that require certain conditions or completion of something. Achievement.


NBA 2K24 is a game full of nuances, and understanding these nuances can significantly improve your gameplay. Whether it's optimizing your jump shot, understanding the importance of lethal zones, or unlocking your best moves, every detail matters.