NBA 2K22 Top Earning Bronze Badges Attributes Review

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-01-26 15:46:46
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There are many types and different levels of Badges in NBA 2K22. Generally speaking, players like the Badges of the HoF level, but can the HoF badges really bring the most cost-effective benefits?

The reality tells us that this is not the case. The Bronze Badges introduced below, although the level is not high, the benefits are not a lot, the changes brought about on the field are obvious, and it also saves a lot of time to upgrade the badges.

Bail Out
This game-changing badge is one of the best badges for organizers. It can deceive the opponent's defenders to the greatest extent. When trapped in the penalty area, pass the ball from mid-air to the corner or shoot a three-pointer from the outside. It allows players to use their infinite imagination in the game. Make the game more enjoyable to watch.

Bronze-level Bail Out has met the game's needs, with a 65% pass accuracy rate, so you won't throw a wrong pass from a jumper or layup, not only saving upgrade time but also getting good benefits. Use with Dimer for better results. When a teammate gets your pass assist, Dimer can improve his shooting percentage.

NBA 2K22 Top Earning Bronze Badges Attributes Review

The yield of Bronze grade Dimer is not much different from that of Silver grade and Gold grade, both of which are between 75%-80%, while the work of HoF grade is the highest, between 85%-90%, but you need to spend a lot of effort to improve badges. If you want to save time, then the Bronze-level Dimer badge has met your needs.

Special Delivery
This badge is activated by flashy passing, which raises the takeover meter if the shot is made. After receiving a gorgeous assist, it can improve the shooting percentage of teammates. It can also increase the success rate of the air relay. Still, this effect does not stack with the development of Dimer, which means that Special Delivery and Dimer will not be activated simultaneously.

Clutch Shooter
A shot attempt in the last minute or any overtime will get a big boost. At the same time, it also adds mid-range shooting attributes and three-point shooting attributes, making it easier for players to score in the final moments. And it has been confirmed by players that it can be activated in the park, and it is recommended to use it in 25+ shooting badge builds.

Lucky #7
The test data below shows that when Shot Spend reaches 526ms, except for HoF, the yields of other levels have reached their peaks. But relative to the time and effort invested, the Bronze-level Lucky #7 is the best value for money. Improves mid-range or 3-point shooting in the first 7 seconds of possession, ideal for quick shots in the park, and you can make the most of this badge by breaking fast in the game.

Chase Down Artist
Allows you to gain extra speed and bounce when defending opposing players, increasing defense success and blocking and interior defense attributes. This badge is required for all builds and is frequently activated during games, making it one of the most popular badges in NBA 2K22. Through different attempts, the conclusion is that the Bronze-level chase-down artist has the best income. Although there are higher levels than Bronze, the increase in revenue is not so obvious.

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