NBA 2K22 Season 3 Final Agenda

NBA 2K22 Date: Jan/11/22 13:58:47 Views: 405

NBA 2K22 Season 3 is only a few days away, and if you want to earn extra XP, don't forget to participate in the Season 3 Final Agenda, which requires you to be level 40.

In this final new schedule, players are provided with the Player Option Pack, and a new player has also been added. All challenges can be completed in just three days, and they are not too complicated.

The final agenda details are as follows:
Claire - 1,500 XP
Splash Bros Return - 1,500 XP
Vanderbilt rebounds - 1,000 XP
Little Jackson Block - 1,000 XP
Town with 40 people: 750 XP

If you need a different way to get more XP and get some free goodies in the process, we've got a clue for you.

The Homecoming Domination game is a great way to earn XP, and you'll get free packs of 10 and 15 stars. The final prize goes to the pink diamond Manu Ginobli.

If you don't like the cards in the free pack, you can send them to the auction and get some NBA 2K22 MT from there.

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