NBA 2K22 ranked top ten players data

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2021-11-06 08:36:21
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When NBA 2K22 is updated, the new lineup and player ratings are adjusted. This is the first rating update of 2K22. Players with the same rating will have different data in the game. The top ten players will be listed below. To let players know why they can occupy this position.


LeBron James 24.8 5.5 7 22.46 2.3 0.8
Kevin Durant 28.3 8.6 5.3 29.51 0.9 0.9
Stephen Curry 26.7 7.6 6.9 23.2 1.4 0.6
Giannis Antetokounmpo 27.4 10.8 6.4 33.03 0.9 2
Kawhi Leonard 24.8 6.5 5.2 26.09 1.6 0.4
Nikola Jokic 25.1 13.4 5.6 34.74 1.5 0.9
Joel Embiid 20.4 8.8 4.1 25.37 1 1.4
Luka Doncic 23.9 8.3 7.1 19.05 1 0.5
James Harden 18.3 7.1 8.9 19.59 1 1
Damian Lillard 19.5 3.9 8.5 15.22 0.6 0


From the above data, we can see that James Harden and Damian Lillard are not in good shape. Harden has been using non-basketball action fouls to score free throws for many years, but this season has changed drastically. Harden is playing. The number of free throws in the game has been dramatically reduced, and the PTS has only 17.3 points.

Damian Lillard made 2 of 24 three-pointers in the first three games; he shot 0 of 9 against the Kings and 8% against the Clippers. Since Lillard entered the league in 2012, this is the first time he has missed a three-pointer in at least eight attempts in a game of the same season, which is terrible.

Stephen Curry had a relatively cold start to the season. He scored 45 points against the Clippers, which supported his data, but the average showed that his shooting percentage was still not high. Although he didn't shoot a lot, he created countless opportunities for his teammates. The Warriors played a lot of small lineups, which made it a rebounding situation.


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