NBA 2K22 hopes more players will participate in City Slam

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-01-07 10:37:47
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For a long time, City Slam has appeared in an interesting single-player mode. Its most distinctive feature is that it provides players with many rooftop courts of different styles, allowing players who are tired of MyCAREER to find new fun.

NBA 2K22 released a new notice on Twitter, hoping that more players will participate in City Slam, which means that 2K has prepared more rewards for City Slam. In the current model, each game will earn 2,500 MVP points and 250 VC, and the bonuses after the update will be more generous.

Turn on City Slam
First, you must activate the initial mission of City Slam. Currently, only Ricky can do it. Ricky will tell you how to open the roof court, where Hendrix Cobb and Junior will host "tournaments." From there, the mission will activate.

City Slam location
The location of the City Slam event will start with your local affiliate. If you are a member of South City Vipers, this is your starting point. You will participate in a series of games and win more teammates by winning and playing more games against other NBA 2K22 affiliates. Each stadium has a different appearance to represent the affiliation, and in each round, you will get more VC and MVP points.

Build your City Slam team
Building a City Slam team is very interesting. The players you beat become players you can pick in 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches. Since the group is enormous, you need to ensure that you have a good balance between the right players in each game. This game mode is essentially similar to the online Pro-Am game mode, so players need to make sure they have built a strong team before participating in the game.

City Slam rewards
City Slam's rewards vary from game to game, but what is certain is that you can get NBA 2K22 MT and VC and MVP points for each game. You can arrange the game according to your own time, great. There are many different affiliates available, and NBA 2K222 will continue to add new games in the future. But if you switch the affiliation, the game may be reset.