NBA 2K22 also needs to vote for the All-Star player card

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With the advancement of the NBA league, the next big event will be the All-Star Game. From the release of NBA 2K22 until now, players have obtained many gift packs in the game. Players also hope to choose their All-Star players in the game.

Why do players want to choose their All-Star?
In the game, sometimes the performance of specific players will bring surprises to players, allowing players to choose players better to strengthen the team's lineup. In the new season, many candidates have performed well, which makes it easy for some players to enter the All-Star lineup. At the same time, this will also help increase player participation in the All-Star.


NBA 2K22 also needs to vote for the All-Star player card

NBA 2K22 All-Star Prediction
Although many players have performed well at a particular stage this season, whether they can enter the All-Stars depends on the players' overall performance. Based on the player data since the start of the game, we predict that the following players will be selected for the All-Star lineup.

MyTEAM all-star lineup
Stephen Curry-PG/SG
Zach LaVine-SG/SF
Kevin Durant-SF/PF
Giannis Antetokounmpo-PF/C
Nikola Jokic-C

Of course, this does not mean everything. There will be some outstanding players who can be selected, but the chances of the above players joining the All-Star team are very high.

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