NBA 2K21 Starting Badge Tier List

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I got a lot of advice from SAFENBAMT. This is an excellent resource for badges and most 2K stuff. No one talks about the order you need to do something, so here is the order.

Finishing Badge
1. Bronze Consistent Finisher (no more features): The animation and release time of the layup is different. Even experienced players will tell you that using it on BronzeBronze will bring you outstanding achievements.
2. Contact the finisher (largest): The player must do this.
3. Giant Slayer (Max): The math on the badge is crazy; if you are a 6'5 or shorter machete, please as high as possible.
4. Fancy footwork: helps the defender's offense, and sometimes amazing animations appear.
5. Pick and Roller (Bronze) (Bronze): This is mainly when you are a big guy like PF or Center, but it can unlock specific animations that I hear faster.

Shooting Badge
Hot Spot Hunter: This is the best shooting badge period, but you need to unlock the hot spot. If you are playing NBA 21, this shouldn't be too difficult, but if you are playing games in the park, you must sell them separately, unless you have a badge, the badge will not do anything. To find your hot area, go to the league leader under stats, then take out your card and scroll. If you are a shooter and can play the game online and offline, you must maximize the shooting badge as soon as possible, because when the badge is maximized, you will be able to switch them. The badge can significantly increase the percentage, reducing the ratings, which is essential for low-profile three-point shooters.
1. Range Extender (MAX): The second-best badge will affect three-pointers and mid-range shooting.
2. Quick draw: if you are a shooter, at least you need to use it on Silver. The 38th bounce on the silver medal was relatively fast and was the right place to start. The No. 98 jumper was good but slower, so you might want to use it on Gold. I found that 38 will point to the 3-point line very generously, but some other jump shot animations will take you forward. If you shoot a lot around the corner, it will be a bad thing because you have very little space. There are many videos, but jump shots are nothing, so that I won't bother you.
3. Receiving and shooting (Silver): Compared to the CPU, you can request a draft on and off the ball, and usually get open after receiving and shooting. I think Silver has a high value.
4. Deadeye (Silver): This badge is must-have equipment for high-evaluators. According to the tests I have seen, if your score is high, it is even better. If you are a center with 70 points, it will be much worse than other centers.
5. Corner Expert: This is a free hot zone with only corners. This is an excellent way to get these hot spots.


NBA 2K21 Starting Badge Tier List

Game production
1. Dimer (MAX): only for the main game pie chart. This is good, and the mathematical method that makes the team better is the best. You give priority to anyone of them.
2. Quick first step (MAX): this badge is excellent. Although from the tests I have seen, this is not always feasible.
3. Break Starter (Bronze Medal): If you are a center with only one badge, then this is what you want. It makes your passing better. When you pass long distances, you will get higher scores.
4. Hold the handle tightly: I think this is effective. Silver is a great place to go before you get flushed with the badge.
5. Floor General: This is a measurable effect, which is why I like it.
6. Spin technician: this is one of my popular choices. I think this badge is The better badges. When it is released, you will be able to get help from many defenders. If your inventory is large, you must use it. I think a quick start is the right choice. If your position changes reach the highest level, it would be better to do so.
*Not to be picky and Bail Out 2K Labs highly rate these, but I feel they are not as effective as the above. I would never let them be higher than BronzeBronze. These badges work best when you have the highest associated attributes, so if you put Unpluckable at the center of yourself with poor ball control, don't expect it to do much.


For defenders, you want to use it on Gold+ because it will create chaotic animated balls when guarding. It can increase the speed of lateral movement. I even think that big men should have this on BronzeBronze.

Rebound chaser:
if you are a big man, this and intimidator will keep going

This will make your opponent miss a shot. It is one of the most clumsy badges because it can work even if your player is stationary, and it can sometimes work if you don't have a match. Both guards and big men should have this badge.

1 Day Box (Bronze):

Big guys need to use BronzeBronze; otherwise, the center of opposition will break the dilemma. I even like defenders, but it doesn't matter.

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