NBA 2K21 Spanish column player card introduction, Galaxy Navarro player card analysis

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NBA 2K21 has launched player cards from Spain. Gasol and Rubio appear in this card pack. There may be players who are unfamiliar with the players in this card pack. Please see the NBA 2K21 Spanish column players shared by SAFENBAMT below. Card introduction, We hope to bring some help to all players.


NBA 2K21 Spanish column player card introduction, Galaxy Navarro player card analysis

Various FLASH card packs can be drawn out, valid for one week.
Reward: Flash 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 Pack
Expiration Date: 3/16/21

Specific list

Spanish column list, four words: tasteless

Player Reviews

Navarro, known as the bomb, is his first appearance in 2K21, and this is also a Galaxy [fault card]. In terms of attributes, 95 three-pointers, 98 sudden buckles, 97 three-speed, excellent dribble bags, and 32 purple medals can be occupied among the current small point guards (1.91 meters). A place is a sound [fault card].

Spanish golden boy Rubio's pink diamond card, the highlight of this card is mainly defense, and then the physical fitness is also good. Still, the offense is lackluster, and the self-modeling is also average, so there is nothing to talk about.

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