NBA 2K21 PRO STICK Shooting Guides

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2021-03-22 14:54:08
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There is a bug in the shooting and aiming of the PRO STICK. If the mirror linkage is positioned near the corner of the top three-point line, when the PRO STICK is desired, the direction of the cursor is reversed. The position of the arc top and the corner of the lower three-point line is normal again, and lens linkage is not required. But if you are independent, you are not used to dribbling and the like. Here safenbamt share the NBA 2K21 PRO STICK Shooting Guides for you!


NBA 2K21 PRO STICK Shooting Guides

After studying for a long time, it is difficult, but it is more accurate after practice, and it is easier to enter even if it is disturbed. Just push the PRO STICK down, the cursor and the yellow area appear, and then move the PRO STICK left and right to move the cursor to the yellow zone, and it enters. If it moves to the middle of the yellow area, it turns green. The cursor and the yellow area are not fixed, sometimes they are far away from the thief, and there is no time to move the cursor quickly, such as Curry.

If you shoot with a cube, the position of the yellow zone is fixed, the same as the previous shots.

The two shooting modes are independent rather than complementary. Belongs to two operations. Aiming and shooting can be turned off, so pushing the right PRO STICK is also the cursor slowly accumulating force. Releasing in the yellow zone is the same as a box shot.

You can turn off aiming in the settings. In the past, whether we used the cube or the PRO STICK, it was called timing shots. It was easy to hit the ball when it was fully released. This is called timing. Now there is a new one, position aiming, that is, the PRO STICK is pulled down again, and the cursor and the yellow area appear, and then push the right PRO STICK left and right to control the cursor, and quickly move the cursor into the yellow area before shooting, and then basically enter, regardless of the shooting bar. Time, as long as the location is in the yellow zone, it is still going in without letting it go. It will not be too early or too late. If the cursor is pushed to the left of the yellow zone, it will be challenging to make a shot, and the shot will be comprehensive to the left of the basket. The same is true on the right.

I feel that the proper PRO STICK shooting is better, but now it's hard to use it. I can't even shoot a professional computer with the right PRO STICK.

But shooting is essential in addition to the direction and timing. It can be seen from the free throw. I tried the Hall of Fame. The yellow frame in that direction is very narrow. Therefore, when shooting, try to keep the correct angle backward. The stick push is more standard. Back, the direction yellow frame does not need to be adjusted. The shot bar that comes out is here, and then pay attention to the timing.

Because of this mechanism, MyTeam will become extremely difficult because it is necessary to adjust the direction and timing of shooting simultaneously. The timing of each person in MyTeam is different, and they all need to be explicitly practiced.

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